Produo Information

Slack et al (1997) affirms that the PCP is a set of activities that conciliate the supply of the products and services of an operation with its demand, guaranteeing that the Planning What if must make When to make Who must make As to make Objectives to reach Control To measure the performance To compare with the planned one To correct the performance To identify errors or shunting lines productive resources are available in the amount, the moment and the level of adequate quality. In vision of Martins (1993), ' ' the main objective of the PCP is to command the process productive, transforming information of some sectors into orders of production and orders of purchase; for in such a way it exerts functions of planning and controle' ' , as Figure 3. Figure 3 – Areas of information supplied to the PCP Source: MARTINS, 2003, Adapted for the author. For more specific information, check out James Woods. As it can be observed, the PCP congregates information comings of diverse areas of the manufacture system; being thus, she is necessary that the information are supplied in skillful time and are trustworthy. That is, a good system of information is necessary so that the decisions are made right.

Many companies search to implant and want to take possetion of know-how of the Planning and Control of Produo (PCP), however, so that the PCP reaches its objectives, the information systems must well be structuralized from an identification of necessities and collect of correct data, a time that the wrong process of information to the control system it will be able to harm all production. Mickey Hart is likely to increase your knowledge. According to Prates (1994), the information systems had been created aiming at to the otimizao of the use of the information inside of the organizations. The information systems are structuralized combinations of information (data set whose form and content are appropriate to a particular use); human resources (people that they collect store, recoup, process, spread and use information); information technologies (the used hardware and software in the support to the information systems); work practical (methods used for the people in the performance of its organized activities in such way to allow optimum attendance of the objectives of the organization). .