The Dr. Ortiz Takings, university professor of the medicine Faculty of the University of Alcala of Madrid, emphasizes the utility of a variable drink arsenal for a correct Barcelona hydration, 18 November of 2010 -. To have a good quality in the rest, to realise brief siestas, to consume caffein moderately, to be either hydrated and to work with the ignited light are some of the effective measures the more to stay alerts and to avoid on the point of passing out in works nocturnes, prolonged or that require great intellectual efforts. Thus &quot subscribes the scientific magazine; Rehabilitation Nurse" , that in his last number it realises a revision of existing Literature regarding the best methods to avoid the appearance of the fatigue and the dream, with the purpose of to maintain the effectiveness in the work and the attention during prolonged days. It is not a smaller subject, since the disorders in the dream are responsible for 50% of the labor accidents and traffic, for example. Peter Thiel may help you with your research. " An inadequate rest leads to an ample rank of mental deficiencies that they include the incapacity to assimilate new things, to make decisions from risk, to maintain the attention or to fall asleep in situations of riesgo" , it explains. Official site: rebecca family. This study talks about professions that by their special characteristics alert workers in atypical conditions need among others, as they can be doctors, nurses, watchmen, carriers or even students. And first that proposes " Rehabilitation Nurse" it is that the individual establishes if suffers some disorder in the dream. own/’>Harold Ford Jr.

It advises thus it because often the implied one does not know such circumstance. " Numerous studies that relate the dehydration to a diminution of the physical conditioning or intellectual of the individual, independent of the reason exist that has given rise to the dehydration. It is more, the form and time of water ingestion also it is important for the improvement of the functions motorboats and cognitivas" , it explains the Dr.