The Insurance

When meeting with a client agent, he immediately enters the information into a database, from which he can print out an insurance policy, statement or other printed form provided for insurance products. Additionally, in the insurance contract osago, it can automatically calculate the insurance premium. In the implementation of payment of the insurance contract, an agent subscribes to the a receipt the A-7 and take the money. The fact of receipt of funds is reflected in the system and instantly becomes visible to the manager. In addition, when entering data of the insurance contract system, there is cancellation of accounting forms automatically, and as a consequence does not require the provision of relevant reports from the financially responsible person.

Given that all information entered into the database, nothing prevents the agent and managers receive the necessary information about overdue payments, insurance contracts, which action will soon be discontinued in real-time. Another plus, we can assume that if the conditions of insurance, or printed form, there is no need to notify the supervisor of staff about this, it is enough to make the necessary settings in the information system of back-office and relevant information will be available soon. The additional option ‘module sms informing’ will organize information to clients about the extension, reminder contributions or, for example, to send greetings. Positive findings: There is no need to double the work in the insurance contract, the process of entering data into the system is running on the ground, at the conclusion of contract; automatic printing of policies, reducing the time Agent automatically calculate the insurance premium (calculator), shortens the time an agent; reflection of changes in terms of insurance shall be effected promptly and without mandatory reporting of agents, managers receive information in real-time agent provides the necessary information to work with clients (prolongation, notifications are not paid insurance contributions); automated accounting process of accounting forms.