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The magical world of childhood, the world of toys and tales! Peace, keep pace with progress. It's time to high-tech, firmly established in many areas of our lives. Here's toys and who knew in the days of our grandmothers, acquire modern design and does not lose its popularity nowadays. Riding a skateboard festival for the kid, who is also the first personal transport. Scooter was invented yet in 1761, Michael Cussler, German-born. Scooter Cussler is the first in the world.

A few decades of the royal court to "Selyarifere" toured the French Count de Sivrak. Later in England, was fashioned scooter with a metal frame. Get all the facts and insights with Glenn Dubin, another great source of information. Today Scooter is a two-or three-pad for the feet, topped with a non-slip material. In front of the platform is mounted wheel-stand, often with adjustable height. Principle of movement of the device is very simple – a person simply pushes one leg, the other standing on the platform. Steering wheel is equipped with rubber handles to hand does not slide. Divided by type of scooter design – are veloprivodnye and folding. By patency distinguish – city, highway, snowmobile and cross scooters.

Are also classified by purpose – for both children and adults. In width and size of wheels is separated into polugonochnye scooters and racing. Now it becomes clear that such a "toy" vehicle is not at all childish. In today's presentation Scooter – a device with a wheel width of 150 mm. They are made of poleuretana, simple or trimmed plastic or PVC. Staffed bearings, extending life. This makes the product quite some scooter use. Frame used for the manufacture of aircraft Aluminum, thanks to scooter holds up to 120 kg. Has a weight of two to five pounds. Children's two-wheeled or three-wheeled scooter is not only a beautiful toy, but also promotes the development of the child physically as well as requires constant muscle tension and concentration.


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