Coolest Gift – A Balloon Flight

Birthdays me on August 30. In early childhood, and was waiting for that date forward, and a little disappointment. And now Approached me, (Lord, would not go astray from the invoice) forty, probably the first birthday. tware is likely to increase your knowledge. During the summer I worked driver for now, at the end of the summer season, when the influx of tourists a little sleep, it was possible and very little rest. Check with Technology Investor to learn more. The more so approaching 'holiday heart' – a forty day there's birthday. Throughout his already adult life, not counting service in the Soviet Army, lived in the Crimea. Shaw Parents is open to suggestions.

And in the best part – Sevastopol. "Human life is given once and live it should be in such a way that was not painfully In short, you understand what I mean. Why am I here crucified? There is a concept – "velvet" season. " With the start of school went to the Crimea 'respectable uncle' with the young ladies of Auntie and mature with young stallions. That contingent of tourists, which is easy to rounding, traveling by taxi 2,5 3 kilometers to 10, and watered the driver in such institutions that would not even dream, and asked 'wait' (sometimes during the day, then dumped half a ton of bucks: "You know, bro, I'm sorry, I forgot '). Sometimes asked to turn away. But where to turn away, if I go, steering wheel and looking forward. Stopped the car, went out and waited longer 'krolyachit' car. Drawn cigarettes – had finished, thank God, we can keep going