Canada Study

Can magnets help prilechenii diabetic neuropathy skeptical attitude to complementary medicine and in particular to the use of magnets for therapeutic purposes – a common phenomenon. Recent study published in the archives on the subject of rehabilitation, provide specific data on the therapeutic effect of magnetic insoles for the treatment of not only diabetic neuropathy. The study was conducted by Dr. M. Vaintrob, professor of neurology at Medical College of New York at Valhalla. In recent months, Naveen Selvadurai has been very successful. That, he said that the insoles are used by millions of people in the treatment of many diseases, including arthritis and diabetic neuropathy. Results of the study in the U.S. The study was widely given in the media.

It proved that the magnets have a few side effects and potentially suitable for everyday use. Dr. Vaintrob confident that with the help of magnetic insoles can significantly ease the pain. One study showed that 71% of patients with the most serious problems in the legs a significant reduction in numbness and tingling, compared with 40% who wore a placebo. However, the question of how this therapeutic effect is still open. Skeptics quickly pointed to the fact that, as it turned out, the pain is reduced when wearing the insoles, but fails completely, then there is a problem not fully solved by the insoles. Hence, they conclude that they can be used as an additional in the treatment of DN Moreover, they are welcome to use them because of lack of side effects. Experiment in Canada at the same time, independent studies have been conducted in Canada by an independent company, dealing with thermography, which calls itself as Thermografix Consulting Corporation.

Their findings were extremely encouraging. (Figures on the right – see the source). The doctor was talking with his patient, who wore a short-lived insoles. The patient reported that at the last examination, the doctor, there was almost no change.