Earth Work

Graders – self-propelled machines, work equipment which is movable blade. In addition to basic equipment – the blade on the grader – set the removable working parts: a small dozer, kirkovschik for preliminary loosening dense and heavy soils, snow, cold milling and other motor grader has a hydraulic system controls the main blade, which provides its turn in terms of 360 and tilt with traction frame of up to 90 . This design allows the machine its purpose and scope: road grading and finishing the subgrade, ballast unit, gravel and sand pavement, construction of low (0.6 m) mounds of the side reserves, planning, cleaning and snow, etc. The main purpose of motor grader – profiling the road subgrade. The greater the resistance and difficult working conditions, the stronger must be the motor grader. Depending on the engine capacity and weight machines produce lightweight (up to 100 kW, 9 m), medium (100 …

150 kW, 10 … 15 m) and heavy (over 160 kW and more than 15 tonnes) graders. Light graders used for the maintenance of roads, medium-building in the road at an average density of soil, and heavy – with large volumes of excavation in dense soils and placement of road surfaces. The design of most graders standardized, it includes the main frame, pulling the frame, a turntable with a blade, engine, transmission, chassis and equipment management system. Traction power, maneuverability and stability graders characterized by a pattern of running gear. Depending on the industrial and technological requirements and conditions of use (and for this purpose, commercially available) graders with different numbers of wheels and the leading axes, as well as the control system and tilt axes of the wheels.

Wheel scheme denoted by LH5HV graders in which A – number of axles, steering, B – number of axles, B – the total number of axles. The greatest widely used motor graders, wheel scheme which 1X2X3. Ways to improve the performance of motor graders are to increase the operating speed of the machine, reducing the time for preparation, reduce lost work time and decreasing the number of passes in the same place at the expense of automatic control systems scraper blade profile. Grader-elevator – Earthmovers continuous action, developing ground or a flat disc with a knife and handed it to the dump or vehicles conveyor belt. To develop a soil knife is lowered to the ground, the motion of the machine he developed and falls off ground running on a conveyor belt. The latter raises the soil to a height of 4 m, moves in the transverse direction (in the dump or in vehicles) at a distance of about 10 m. The presence of the pipeline makes it possible to build low mounds up to 1.5 m of lateral reserves hold up to 1.5 m shallow trench. Thanks A built-in machine principle of continuous layered excavation grader, elevator has a high technical performance – more than 600 m / h. However, its implementation requires a number of stringent operational conditions: flat terrain, the lack of large (over 150 mm) stone inclusions, which can damage the disc blades, the presence of sufficient work front 200 meters or more. These restrictions greatly narrow the area of effective application grader – elevators. Their share in total production of earthworks does not exceed 1%.

Technology FEEC

Despite the emergence of imported cranes, the Russian media on the basis of KAMAZ, ZIL, MAZ and Ural remains in demand and popular. This is due to the advent of newer, more advanced models, equipped with electronic security tools and prepared for the harsh operating conditions. Among the most popular domestic brands of cranes – Ivanovets "," Uglich "," Klintsy "," Galichanin "," Yurginets. Safety of modern cranes provide the safe load-limiting boom, a guard from tilting boom, the index Hook, inclinometer, alarm limits the working area. The appearance of supernumerary situations prevented by special detectors and light indication. When you work in a limited area crane can control the movement arrows, except for exposure to power lines and other objects that might be near the machine.

On the basis of KAMAZ, ZIL, MAZ and Ural released different brands of lifting equipment, which has different characteristics. For example, a crane "Galichanin" ways to lift loads weighing from 15 to 30 tons depending on model. Cars are equipped with two or three section telescopic boom that can extend the jib. Drive "Galician" – hydraulic. On some models of cranes "Galichanin" established the so-called "black box" – Telemetry memory, which records the parameters of the crane during the entire lifetime. Truck Cranes "Klintsy" have capacity for 8 to 15 tons, which is less than indicators "Galician".

In addition to the lifting mechanism, "Klintsy" can be equipped with cradles for work at height. Truck Cranes "Klintsy are produced based on the chassis ZIL MAZ, have compact dimensions, allowing use the technique in the cramped conditions of the urban environment. Under the brand "Uglich" produces a wide range of cranes, built on chassis MAZ and KAMAZ. Payload "Uglich" ranges from 14 to 20 tons. Apart Cranes are "Yurginets", whose production is based on the chassis of the Urals. Featuring all-wheel drive, "Yurginets" can move on the road, getting to the most remote areas. Speaking of lifting equipment can not be forget about the crawler crane DEK. This brand brings together a wide range of heavy-duty cranes. Cranes equipped with DEK diesel generator and can work independently or with an external power source. As Cranes "Uglich", "Klintsy", "Galichanin", "Yurginets, Technology FEEC completed various electronic devices necessary for security. Additional comfort is working on the crane DEK provides a warm and Passive noise isolation cubicle, which optionally can be equipped with air conditioning. Sales of truck-mounted crane

The Most

The task of the minimum – select the desired program and begin to sew. With the help of a microprocessor is much easier to control movement of the needle, the type of fabric, a sewing adviser is also helping to select the desired mode. Sewing machine with microprocessor management. This is the most expensive class of sewing machines. These sewing machines are recommended for people who are engaged in sewing professionally. The so-called computerized sewing machines capable of perform the most complex sewing tasks. Such sewing machines have the most extensive set of features. Among the most important advantages should be stressed embroidery unit, computer memory, built-in patterns and embroidery many other significant advantages.

However, as we have said before all this affects the final cost of sewing equipment. Buying sewing machines also need to consider and accessories. For acquired sewing equipment is always worth to buy tubular platform. In the process of sewing seamstresses often necessary to handle the hoses. That is why such an accessory would be most welcome.

Additional convenience in work can provide special tables for sewing machines. Try to pay attention to the sewing machines that are equipped with upper and lower belts fabric – they are particularly easy to operate. Using automatic needle threader you'll spend much less time threading a sewing machine. For those who enjoy quilting sewing suggest that you examine the equipment that was designed specifically for such goals. Rotary hook – a very important part of sewing machines, it avoids tangling the threads and significantly reduces noise. Raise the presser foot is much more convenient if you use a special knee-lever. Very plays an important role and an option allows you to adjust the pressure foot. Therefore, choosing a sewing equipment is important to pay attention to the sewing machines which include this feature. Sewing machines – the choice of the manufacturer. The modern market may surprise buyer of a wide variety of manufacturers offering the most diverse sewing equipment. Among those who are really arbitrary reliable and affordable clothing machines should be allocated the following brands – Janome, Brother, Pfaff, Family, Husqvarna and other firms. Buying a sewing machine brands of data you can never go wrong with a choice!

Lower Heating

Fireplace installation has become commonplace for cottage construction. Installing a fireplace in your home will allow you to enjoy warmth and comfort at any time when you just want to! Installing a fireplace can be done the old fashioned way – from laying bricks. But lately, more and more important it becomes mantel. Mantel – is complex block-level elements that make up the fireplace. Facing the fireplace, usually made of natural materials – marble, granite and wood. Perfect fireplace created by the interior of your home based technology construction of fireplaces. Heating furnaces are used to organize the heating system in a country house. Heating stoves, manufactured in our company have several advantages, such as – reliability, durability, heat and of course, easy to install.

Heating furnace, as a rule, is small, and heats a small room – for example, a room. Thanks to the momentary heating furnace heating this room warms up quickly. When choosing a heating furnace should be borne in mind that the bottom of the furnace should be heated quickly to heat cold floors and other well cold air in the house. Heating and cooking stove intended for space heating and cooking, heating water and bread. Unnecessarily heating and cooking stove, and contains iron stove and oven – its heating properties increase. Heating and cooking furnaces their roots far back in time, namely heating and cooking stoves were in every house in Russia, and allowed not only to heat the premises, but also cook. Currently, heating and cooking stoves are not lost its relevance – they are still used in cottages and country houses where there is no central heating. Heating and cooking stove is a double decker hood.

The lower tier is warming strongly that can heat the cold air at the bottom of the room. Because the upper and lower tiers of the heating and cooking stoves communicate with each other, the warm air does not come out of the oven, and provides longer heating. Heating and cooking stoves are used not only in the winter – thanks to a special valve can provide the output of heated air out through the chimney, and even in the summer heating and cooking stove is used for cooking. Choose a heating system for your home based on the technical features of the house and let in your house will be warm!