According BKN.RU, the average rental rate for a room – for example, Vasileostrovskiy area – to 7 thousand rubles. Some companies that provide services for real estate rental, offer similar facilities for three thousand rubles. Inexperienced Everyman, by comparing the numbers, think: “Why pay more?”. And be wrong. Do not focus, and fraud on the real estate market of St. Petersburg there are companies that operate under the guise of real estate agencies and offering their services for renting apartments and rooms.

In general, they focus on immigrants of citizens who by their ignorance can not believe that renting an apartment in the city can cost 5-7 thousand rubles. Tenant is sometimes difficult to discern fraudulent intent of such companies, because they bring to the office, offer to conclude a contract, and a low rent rate attributed to the fact that the work “without nakrutok”, “due to the flow of clients”, etc. And the most important argument – they ready to provide its base facilities for a small fee: pay once, and suggestions on rooms – in three pages! The client signs the paper makes money in cash, gaining one of the many rooms that are he was given – and here begins the whole theatrical performance. Employer promised to show a room in the near future, but now they can not, because the hosts in the country (on vacation, business trip – please underline), and then just stop responding to calls. Other subscribers are also silent, or constantly busy. Client at a loss back to the agency, and he answers: “call more” or “in front of you and we complied with their obligations.” So where is the initially lies the catch? Directly in the treaty, which states that the company provides “information and consulting services” within a month. That is, for my money the client receives a few sheets with a set of letters and numbers. Is it too expensive for the tainted paper, which can endure even the obvious deception? Variety of options for “Information and advisory services-ing” – one of the methods used by unscrupulous companies.

The firm can offer to conclude a tripartite agreement between the organization, client and owner of the dwelling. In accordance with this document services company pays the landlord, but the client is invited to take these costs to offset a future rent. At what time will be found living space, the company did not specify, apparently hoping that a couple of months the customer will get tired, “beat out” their 3-5 thousand rubles. Thus, citizen loses at least a small but hard-earned money, a few thousand nerve cells, and in return instead of the expected housing becomes convinced that the real estate market – is one big deception. Read more .