Technogym Kinesis

Cantilever arms made of a special aluminium alloy lead cables and are to the technological experience of the manufacturer Technogym. Three joint systems in each arm, inside of which runs a wire rope, that looks very aesthetic and is also soundproof. A transparent handle that is pleasant to touch, is magnetic and can be attached to the joints of the arm in rest position. Go to Topaz Page-Green for more information. Fullgravity Technogym has a patent on it, provides you with endless freedom of movement, the special system makes possible fluid movements in all directions. In the design of the display, new ways were gone. A particularly user-friendly interface allows the selection of the desired resistance with a small movement. For more information see this site: Topaz Page-Green.

Only the controller must be pressed in the middle of the wall and have seen a resistance between 1 and 20 on the scale touch display on the digital soft. Technogym Kinesis 200 exercises on one square meter, that are ideal for the physical activity in your own home. This product exclusively shop can be ordered in the fitness equipment, design and biomechanics of a unit, which is there in a small space and is therefore uniquely innovative form. In unused condition, Kinesis is nice to look at and requires virtually no floor space. With Technogym Kinesis personal, can be used for personal training special offers, get your personal trainer online in the living room, and can launch into the world of Technogym Kinesis.

With Kinesis, you will improve your strength, your posture, coordination and flexibility in a short time. Several programs are available, these include wellness including weight reduction, sports, toning for General toning of abdominal and back and butt and legs. Kinesis as the ultimate engine in conjunction with a cardio workout on the treadmill on the way to a healthy and vital future. Her personal trainer Horst waiter

Proper Running Technique

How important the proper running technique is to avoid injuries the correct posture while jogging: upright running the so-called “natural” running technique is applied by nearly all joggers. A seemingly light-footed step by the forward momentum of the lower leg to the front, a heel cut put of the foot, torso template and largely passive arms. This technique is problematic, then at the latest is detected if a vertical line is drawn through the center of gravity: is now becoming clear, namely, that the upper body template while jogging braking effect because the entire body in the imbalance is. Is significantly more mass before the vertical and this mass moves down the body and prevent a free step. It is but worse that at the moment of the foot attachment the entire body weight must be collected from a very small area, namely the heel, and the damping effect of a bent knee is turned off through the knee joint while stretched. Knee, hip and Back problems are the almost inevitable result of this natural running technique while jogging.

If you look in the faces of many runners in major marathons, you can see their burden as they torment due to incorrect heel weighted and thus orthopedic incorrect running technique. The running technique while jogging but already seriously changed, if one is trying to run with body erection. The shoulder is taken this backwards, so that the shoulder blades are pulled together inside. The rubber band between the shoulder blades must be tightened. This shoulder position causes an erection in the entire upper body of the chest is lifted and flat inside stretches the abdominal wall and the abdominal muscles. This is a perfect running technique when jogging and running. This I find it also much easier to swing your arms backwards and adjust the elbow angle to not more than 90.