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Call Series

Strikingly: Operation 7 and still does not use agent program to detect suspicious activity on your computer. Play against the rules – a sure way to get the angry shouts of his rivals, but no ban. Authors remove special attention to creating character. Promised a basic set of facial features, an extensive collection of hairstyles, hair and skin of different colors, plus a wardrobe full of clothes and accessories (goggles, gloves, ties). For a unique costumes (a form of Russian and Swedish military, Marines), attracting the attention of opponents will have to pay. Then we were sent to the landfill to learn a profession soldier. The last stage of the course is an obstacle in the manner one that had seen in Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare.

Run around, jump, reload gun, throw a "pineapple", again we run. In addition to the classic "defmatcha" (two groups of 12 people who play for points), to choose from Survival and Head Hunting. The first – a series of fighting for survival. The second – a kind of Domination, but instead of control points must be protected and the Chief try to destroy the enemy general. It is noteworthy that all the modes – team, where the principle of "every man for themselves "are not welcome.

Ability to be a useful member of the detachment, but not lone wolf, is valued here more than gold. Slogan It only takes one shot! One who aims first, kills first! A surprisingly accurate description of the gameplay. At the 17 maps are available for battles at the time of writing Articles enough places where attentiveness and quick response decide the outcome of the duel. In this case, looks like a typical Opeatlon7 "single coil" shooter, with some reservations. In the near future already appears vozmzhnost download the game and estimate. For example, pick up backpacks killed prohibited, first aid kits in the corners are not scattered, health is not automatically restored. Awarded points for winning experience and a series of defeats can fully enjoy the drawbacks financial starvation – so there is an additional incentive to act carefully and tactically. The graphics engine gives quite a nice scenery. From a technical standpoint, everything in place: a clear texture, juicy special effects and meticulously counted for any number of sources of light shadows. But the level design is woefully primitive and frankly ill-conceived.