Remember to site a children's story about a boy who learned to swim? All winter he trained hard, walking around the apartment and flailing arms. In the summer, arrived at the pond, he ran out of water, hardly entered into it, and said a sacramental phrase: "I'm not ready. We must exercise more at home. But next year – a must! ". And with psychotherapy: very often happens that a client with great interest, visits a psychotherapist, sincerely believing that there something important and something that it really varies. But on inspection it turns out that all human life is unchanged – the same problems, same excitement. Learn more at: Shaw Father. What does it happen? And how to turn the therapy of Food room to workout in the pool? Below are a few ways to do this.

Set goals you ever searched for a road in an unfamiliar place without a clear plan or pass card? If – yes, then you probably know the feeling and anger and frustration at the moment when it turns out that all this time you should go straight into the opposite direction from that point. To avoid a similar disappointment in the psychotherapy will help you a clear goal. Specify what you would like to achieve in the course of therapy. Of course, these ideas can change the course of work, but a statement of purpose will add clarity to the process. Imagine that you have achieved it. What has changed? What was your life like changed you? What they have learned? What are you doing differently now? The more specific you articulate the desired outcome, the easier it will be checked with your card.