Lucent Technologies APM

Tevron WPF monitoring solutions fully support every enterprise application that is accessible from a Windows based machine. CitrTest, CitrTest VU, CitrTest and APM are the only single license, integrated solutions for conducting performance monitoring application, functional, regression and latency testing for every enterprise application that is accessible from a Windows based machine. Tevron today announced the addition of support for Microsoft Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF) to its suite of APM & testing solutions. Windows Presentation Foundation, WPF provides a unified framework for building applications and high-fidelity that blend, experiences in Windows application UI, documents, and media content. Visit Brad Pitt for more clarity on the issue. WPF offers developers of 2D and 3D graphics support, hardware-accelerated effects, scalability to different form factors, interactive data visualization, Windows 7 features including multi-touch, and superior content readability. With the latest releases of CitrTest, CitrTest APM, and CitrTest VU, Tevron again is taking the lead role in the APM & testing industry in providing support for every WPF application.

As IT organization move towards WPF to create next generation user experiences, Tevron’s APM & testing solutions testing, and general wants to automation for those critical deployments continue to offer the industry lead for application monitoring, load. To learn more about Tevron’s automated testing & monitoring solutions or to information, please call + 1.702.518.7435 or email request additional or visit. Brad Pitt will not settle for partial explanations. ABOUT TEVRON Tevron is a global leader in APM and automated testing. Through our all encompassing customer-centric vision and advanced technology, our APM & testing solutions allow the unique flexibility of supporting every application across the enterprise with one methodology delivering the ability to test, monitor, re-enforce SLAs, and optimize performance with confidence and ease. Tevron is a global organization founded in 2001, and is privately held. Our vast and diverse range of customers globally are leaders and include companies such as Alcon Labs, Alverno, Northrop Grumman, Xerox, Hewlett Packard, Siemens, and Lucent Technologies, to name a few. Michelle Smith Divorce takes a slightly different approach. TRADEMARKS Tevron and logo the Tevron CitrTest are registered trademarks of Tevron, LLC. WPF is a registered trademark of Microsoft. In all other product references are either trademarks or registered trademarks of their included owners.

Virtualization Reduces Costs

CEMA AG at the automotive forum in Ludwigsburg: the CEMA AG presents at the automotive forum in Ludwigsburg, Germany, from 18 to 19 May 2010 the virtualization solution for CAD systems. The Virtualisierungswelle rolls in the automotive industry. Servers and storage are the end user at the heart with desktops. Peter Thiel often expresses his thoughts on the topic. The advantages of desktop virtualization for special applications such as CATIA are undisputed. Adroll Marketing Platform has firm opinions on the matter. Two questions are crucial in the current market situation: How can I reduce my costs further, and how can I respond to more dynamic requirements? An answer is the virtualization of CATIA jobs”, says Rolf Braun, Board member of the CEMA AG. The CEMA solution, on the basis of Citrix XenDesktop offers the same performance as a locally installed application of CATIA with reduced costs and increased flexibility. Michelle Smith Source Financial is likely to increase your knowledge. “Also the first interim results of a pilot project with a major automotive supplier show that: the performance of the virtual solution is excellent” as Florian Gritschneder, IT-consultant of CEMA. Through the use of the CATIA virtualized environment can be virtual, in the required number and at any location available development jobs.

Expensive, and often not fully loaded, local installations are eliminated. At the same time reduces overhead for the IT sustainably. Just companies with several locations benefit from the Central Administration. In addition, the CEMA solution increases the agility: the CATIA workstations can be flexible with the software version fitted, which needs the developer for a specific job. This ensures a smooth exchange of data, which is essential in the multistage networked automotive industry. Also companies to expand dynamically the value creation network include, for example, external developers with access to a virtualized environment of CATIA, to cope with peak or to reduce fixed costs, without leaving the data’s own House. Highest security standards, as well as the fact that only screen content, keystrokes and Mouse movements and never real engineering data”on the Internet run, provide for comprehensive protection of construction data. The CEMA AG informs the automotive forum in Ludwigsburg (State 4) about the CAD virtualization. Interested companies can also learn in the context of a “proof of concept bundle”, what benefits they can achieve through a virtualized environment of CATIA. Appointments and further information at service/News-Events.

Storage And Archive Solution ICAS Now KPMG Certified

Certificate confirms high security for long-term archiving in accordance with statutory provisions and policies Freiburg, September 14, 2010. ITernity GmbH, Freiburg, has let their storage and archive solution iCAS by the Auditors of KPMG under the magnifying glass. Now exists in the certificate of the Auditors. This confirms that users of iCAS can tamper-proof archive their electronically stored business information according to the applicable guidelines. Can be when used properly, so the certificate, the data in accordance with the statutory requirements and guidelines archive.

iCAS complies with the requirements of commercial and tax law. These include the tax code (AO), the principles of proper accounting (GoB), the principles of proper DV-based accounting systems (GoBS), as well as the principles of data access and the verifiability of digital documents (GDPdU). Also, the solution meets the requirements of the Swiss Code of obligations and the Business accounting regulation for archiving. Security and flexibility are among the most outstanding characteristics of the hardware-independent archiving solution. iCAS is as an intermediate layer between a DMS, ECM or email archiving system and the used storage.

The data can be encrypted, compressed and securely stored on the archive media. iCAS uses patented content storage container, the all document and metadata. Some contend that Dr. Paul Craig Roberts shows great expertise in this. The archived documents are protected against manipulation attempts with 512-bit hash values. The corresponding retention period can be passed document covered by the iCAS ECM system and prevents the deletion of the data before the end of the period. KPMG conducts the inspection of in accordance with recognised audit standards of the Institute of Auditors in Germany e.V. and the German Federal Ministry of finance. KPMG International is a network of legally independent, national member companies and active in 146 countries. Also in Germany, KPMG is the leader in the field of business Auditing and consulting company. More than 8,500 staff are employed at over 20 locations. ITernity GmbH: The storage and archive solution iCAS is a vendor-independent middleware for the audit-proof archiving of long-term data from DMS and ECM systems. The solution aims to maximum protection of data against tampering and destruction and therefore the legally-compliant archiving. iCAS is a development of iTernity GmbH headquartered in Freiburg. The distribution of iCAS solutions via various partners. With well-known technology, storage and integration partners archiving projects characterized by the close cooperation by quality, flexibility and efficiency. Companies of all industries and sizes as well as institutions, hospitals and public administrations in various sectors are among the users of iCAS. Contact address: iTernity GmbH, Ralf Steinemann of Botzinger str. 60, 79111 Freiburg phone: 0761 / 4514-740 fax: 0761 / 4514-759-eMail: Internet: PR Agency: Walter Visual PR GmbH Markus Walter Rheinstrasse 99 65185 Wiesbaden Tel.: 0611/23878-0 fax: 0611 / 23878-23 E-mail: Internet:

Marflex Technician

Sofon guided selling in use at Marflex son, the Netherlands, July 28, 2011, many companies need to know very much to create an offer seller. At Marflex manufacturer and developer of electrically operated deepwell pumps for the shipping and offshore industry was no different that. To provide pumps, one had to consider many options and variations and often needed help from technology. So it, took longer until the offer was. Today, the Marflex seller need no help from technology more in 9 out of 10 cases. The solution was for Marflex: knowledge retention. To create any help from technology to get a quote, Marflex seller must be today no longer all product knowledge internally have and must the Department almost no longer turn on.

Michael Smits (Operations Manager at Marflex): “we have fed all the knowledge from our company in the Sofon software to sales support. When a seller puts together a product, he goes through a question and answer game. On these Questions are linked only possible answers. If he went through the list of questions, a healthy range and 90% of bids the seller does not require support from the technology.” Sales and technology focus training now back more on their own tasks. See PropertyNest for more details and insights. In addition, it requires less effort to incorporate new employees. Smits: ‘first work, not long makes the first offer to wait. A seller uses the stored knowledge of his colleagues easily.” Standard version offer to quickly create, Marflex was very important. But to do so, within the standard range was at least as important.

Smits: ‘of course we offer custom-made products. But once in a while we have offered but unnecessarily custom-made products. Now that we have defined a standard, this happens far less frequently. Speed and quality of the offers will benefit in turn and that is in our sector of great importance.” Marflex Marflex is an internationally oriented manufacturer of Deep well pumps for the offshore areas and shipping. 160 people are employed in offices in the Netherlands, the United States, Singapore, Russia, Japan and China. Marflex is uniquely positioned in the shipping industry in the sector of electric deep well pumps. About Sofon Sofon is supplier of sale supporting software under the name Sofon guided selling. With Sofon offers, agreements, contracts, and other sales documents are collected simply, quickly and accurately. Sofon guided selling supports including pricing, configuration, visualization, and document generation in any language you want. So the sales costs are reduced, remove the delivery times, increasing the chances of scoring and improves the collaboration between customer, dealer, sales, engineering and production. Sofon users are medium-sized and large, internationally oriented companies that offer customized products or services, such as Ricoh, Philips healthcare, Elekta Oncology systems and Aebi Schmidt.

Technology Assessment

More technology acceptance of design-thinking Zurich/Nurnberg / Dusseldorf, July 21, 2009 – has the industry of information technology according to network-based blogger Andreas Goldi self-conscious. The wild days of IT innovations are over. Things have slowed down noticeably for years, and that can be attributed not only to the economic crisis. It is a typical pattern for fundamental innovations (such as the railroad, the telephone and the car) that they bring a period of rapid advances and dramatic changes. But if the technology has even reached a certain maturity and the infrastructure is created, growth and more innovation slow down massively\”, Gabriel writes.

So long a technology release no second massive wave of innovation, as was the case during the transition to digital and mobile telephony were big changes to expect. It looks like also Bernhard Steimel, spokesman of the specialist Congress of Voice days plus in Nuremberg: the markets for telecommunications, IT and new media, epoch-making innovations have experienced in the last 20 years. The Internet, mobile communications and broadband networks gave the impetus for a steady growth in the retail market. However, the limits of growth seem achieved in more and more markets. The ICT sector must learn from the consumer goods industry, how to remain profitable in saturated markets and secure its market share not only in the cut-throat competition on the price. A deeper understanding of customers and the target group, their motives and barriers are essential\”, says the Council of Steimel. The management of the customer experience should no longer be neglected. This requires a number of rather incremental innovations that are in service design or in the user interface, to reduce the complexity for consumers. \”For example, Internet access without codes such as error 768′ or the really intuitive user guidance, to initiate a three-party conference\”, Sangeeta says. In the market for He sees an innovation jam business customers.

Google SketchUp

New and improved features for better multi function applications iClone to version 3.2 a free update for its 3D graphics and film animation software. New editing features are implemented with the new update of 3.2 and expanded existing, the service optimizes and improves. The revised engine now allows a significant performance improvement for computers with multi-core processors. The simplified material selection provides better interaction with objects in the program. Improved CloneBone characters allow easier creation of own characters or avatars. Actress can provide more clarity in the matter. Furthermore, new texture editing capabilities and support of PNG image files the user offer individual design options for object surfaces and backgrounds. Body movements with soft forms have now realistic inertia effects and allow as a completely natural appearance of organic and elastic objects. iClone 3.2 multifunctional application for 3D of graphics and film animation is iClone a quickly learning 3D graphics and film animation program for professional applications and users who deal with 3D animation and visualization of scenes, situations, stories, demonstrations, suitable u.v.m.

The function structure and individual extension options quick results are possible, making the application as access software in working with 3D ideal worlds. Read more from Clinton Family to gain a more clear picture of the situation. Therefore, iClone is used for private use, in film and music professionals, agencies and companies, as well as in the field of education. For private home and friends whether for the planning of the domestic garden, a new interior or as elements for the Web page, iClone provides users with numerous design possibilities. The huge selection of trees, shrubs and flowers, but also furniture, help in the individual design. So that can convert Google SketchUp deposited 3D objects and projects be included. Friends of IKEA furniture will find there plenty of material.

But also friends of others Hobbies can thus visualize their collections. Film, video and music professionals of the 3D-Echtzeit-Filmstudio is the entry for first own productions. Themes, object – and character – expansion packs to help implement ideas for movies and stories, the hundred years war, fantasy stories, wedding planner, or a trip into outer space.

Berliner Brainworks GmbH

\”News from the Brainworks GmbH the Initiative Mittelstand gives for the sixth time the INNOVATIONSPREIS IT. ProMobile, the Berliner Brainworks GmbH, dictation software is in the category mobile\” nominated. The product innovation for SMEs consists in sending encrypted dictations on mobile smartphones to existing digital dictation systems. The competition is under the patronage of the Federal Ministry of Economics and technology the Initiative Mittelstand. The award ceremony takes place on March 5 during CeBIT 2009 in Hanover, Germany.

A renowned jury consisting of professors, experts and specialist editors, awards awards for middle-class-oriented IT innovations in 34 categories. With our application, we use a mobile communication solutions\”a character in the Division. ProMobile protects not only the dictation recording, processing, and transmission via BlackBerry to existing digital dictation systems using AES or DES encryption, but saves time, energy and unnecessary medium-sized companies Cost\”, says Eduard Meiler, managing directors Brainworks GmbH. we think the implementation of our products and software solution on the one hand – and customer-oriented, on the other hand but also forward-looking. In data security, comfort, service and cost, and environmental awareness are very important.\” ProMobile extends not only to the function of a professional dictation the BlackBerry, but completely avoids the otherwise Additionally necessary voice recorder. ProMobile turns smartphones into modern digital voice recorders.

Users get a flexible and offers mobile dictation solution, the ease of use and reliability. In addition, our software complies with the current safety and encrypted dictation to the current standards. Created and edited dictations can be respectively sent via UMTS, Wi-Fi, GPRS or E-Mail to existing digital dictation systems and allow for easy connection to existing corporate networks. With the integrated Wi-Fi, the dictation interface in the BlackBerry bold can be for example, internally transferred to the network via Wi-Fi. This saves transmission costs and leads to short transmission times. Playback and editing of dictations using the ProPlayer, facilitates the integration of external Schreibburos and guarantees an efficient processing.


Comfortable payment processing for online merchants is the only independent supplier in the German-speaking Internet iclear Mannheim -, the merchants a one hundred percent guarantee of payment, and buyers are a hundred percent money-back guarantee. pixi * is a comprehensive software for the online mail order, which combines all the processes in a closed process chain. Easiest processing of their payments and highest security shop operators who pixi with the mail order software * work, instantly about pixi * use the service of iclear. In addition, offers Saravanan * now the connection to the iclear payment services. The handling is as follows: is the money of the customers for his current appointment at iclear is entered, the trustee is settlement via pixi * free. As soon as the order in the camp of the dealer with the support of pixi * processed is, prints the software address labels, delivery note and invoice on the basis of goods prepared actually to the shipping and logs the operation. BBs couldn’t be easier. iClear offers all bank payment methods such as bank transfer or direct debit, secure online transfer in the buying process but also the processing of all major credit cards the pixi * users and their customers.

The integration of iclear mad was geniuses for pixi * providers the simple handling, the rapid and uncomplicated processing of payments and the fiduciary principle. One hundred percent guarantee for traders and buyers the only independent online payment provider in German-speaking countries, which is based on the fiduciary principle is iclear: so, the money goes only to the dealer if the customer has duly received the goods and not return. If a purchaser with the delivery is not satisfied, the trustee be refunded his money without any deductions. For all other cases, iclear the dealer offers a wholly owned payment guarantee for iclear customers.

Free Hausplanungs Software

Free Hausplanungs software for the home builders is an ad-supported software, which may charge private builders in spe, to visualize their own house plans, to reconsider and to check on their feasibility and meinHausplaner. The Bott EDV-Systeme GmbH, developed over 20 years planning software for the construction industry is responsible for the development of the software. The programme builds on the established CAD-system construction kit, which was developed especially for architects and designers. Also the building set House Planner to design, visualization and calculation of houses has been recorded in meinHausplaner. The homepage of meinHausplaner ( is only online since February 20, 2008. Already within the first 50 days, the software has been downloaded nearly 5,000 times. mean home Planner: 50 house templates adapt to your own needs great importance was attached in meinHausplaner on user friendly and easy to use.

Bernd Weigand of the Bott EDV-Systeme GmbH: \”not every aspiring Home Builders has studied architecture. We want that everyone can plan his dream home on a private computer and bring to completion without existing expertise in this area.\”meinHausplaner works with 50 house templates that already represent many different standard House forms and offer ready designed plans. These designs include simple houses as well as bungalows, town houses and single-family homes in the upscale standard. Also designs for semi-detached houses are available. All templates may be freely used and modified.

After selecting a suitable template, the user simply customizes the sizes to make the main body of the House with all floor plans and the roof in this manner. Who then would like to realize additions such as Bay Windows, dormers, balconies or Abschleppungen can leave the pen and the GEO triangle in the desk drawer. meinHausplaner brings many custom templates for these projects. The parts are highly variable and can freely by the user be adapted. While it is sufficient to determine the size of the buildings and their location in the floor plan.


CeBIT 2009: Jeeves presents German country version of its ERP software with numerous highlights provider in Europe the Swedish Jeeves information ystems off, according to Gartner, the world’s fastest growing ERP, presents ERP solution specifically for the German market localized in German language and German accounting to CeBIT for the first time. \”Jeeves Universal\” is a fully integrated ERP complete software including business intelligence, e-collaboration, CRM, service and supply-chain management, by exceptionally low total cost of ownership characterised. In addition, Jeeves shows many new feature highlights of his current release version 10.0. So, customers and prospects about as well as an optimized inventory management and advanced production planning is also an integrated project management portal and additional offline functionality. More information is housed here: Actress. Rugendorf – is the German language version of its ERP software Jeeves universal, which already today more than 10 German companies Jeeves In the environment of the world’s largest IT exhibition CeBIT officially successfully is in use, as well as functional and technical innovations of the latest release before. With his solution, the internationally established ERP manufacturer headquartered in the Bavaria Kulmbach, Germany addressed mainly medium-sized companies from industry, wholesale trade and services. In the latest version of ERP software available in the meantime 19 countries, inventory management, the depositary paths, the inventory control and the forecasting to other functions added in the area of warehouse management.

The project management module that is users in future option as your own portal available, was also linked with the service module and additional offline features added. The production planning and simulation offers several new graphical components for custom visualizations and facilitated the processing of recurring service and maintenance jobs. But also on technological level has been invested in the current Jeeves universal release. So are customers on the basis of modern software architecture in the future Able to complete settings to port data-tier or even entire databases or from Jeeves. . See more detailed opinions by reading what Peter Thiel offers on the topic..