The Emergence

In addition, it is one of the most popular frozen products. Pizza can be bought easily in supermarket and cook at home, and then enjoy its taste. Pizza delivery – a service in demand and very popular. Even 10 years ago to order a pizza home in Moscow was not so simple – it now appears a lot of pizzerias, offering such a service, but before they could literally count on one hand.

What changes have occurred recently in the market for pizza delivery? The first thing to note significant increase in the level of service. By increasing the number of bakeries, pizzerias, many now carry out the delivery of all areas of the city. From the moment of ordering until the courier with a flavorful pizza at the door to your apartment will not exceed 40 minutes, in rare cases – an hour. During this time the pizza does not have time to cool and maintains its superior taste. Speaking of taste – there is also not without changes. Evident from the increase in the range – good pizza bake up to 20 different types of pizzas.

Among the key – the famous’ Margarita ‘with mozzarella cheese, pizza cheese, ‘4’, mushrooms, meat, Hawaiian, Vegetable – everyone can choose a pizza taste. Some companies offer besides pizza delivery of other hot dishes, salads, ice cream and cold drinks. In large pizza were various special offers. For example, when ordering a certain amount the client receives a substantial discount, extra dish or beverage as a gift. And develops a system of personal loyalty cards is very easy to use – first, these cards provide a discount on the full amount of the order, and secondly, their owners may not report their position every time the operator when ordering a pizza – address, name and phone number of the client are already in the database. Another innovation was the emergence of the Internet websites pizzerias which can also be ordered pizza. It is much easier than through the checkout process on the phone – mostly on the site lists complete information on weight and ingredients for each pizza, there are photographs of dishes, and there is a possibility selection of additives to each of them. After sending the data from the order form will only have to wait a bit before the pizza to be delivered. In short, all conditions to ensure that everyone can easily and quickly order a pizza and enjoy its delicious flavor. Hopefully, the pizzeria in the future will continue to delight gourmets excellent service and decent quality of our products – the world-known dish called pizza.