Thomas Engelbrecht Managing Director

SME – the new entrepreneur portal since August is the entrepreneur Portal SMEs on the net. “” “This pointed to the needs of the Hanoverian economy of tailored Portal aims the strategic occupation of the term middle class” in as many combinations as such loans SMEs “, insurance middle class” or tax advice middle class “. The portal should become the regional business Web community about a trade book, local economic news and a calendar of events. Portal operator is the company specialized on the editorial online marketing Its strategic approach is the binding of clients through editorial content. Heart of supplies is an editorial, the more than a dozen thematic channels continuously with technical and service articles. Management and leadership knowledge forms the focus for medium-sized businesses. This content expertise around builds the new Internet portal for the economy of the region of Hannover.

So “” “form articles channels such as taxes,” controlling “, marketing” and sales “the content anchor point of the portal. SME offers the following services in addition to the publication of advice articles: entry in the directory: companies can publish their company name, contact information, and logo free. In return placing only a permanent referral link from the own Internet site on middle class Premium entry in the YellowPages: against a year net price of 99 Euro it published a detailed company profile in addition to the contact information, presents products and services, placed links and PDF downloads. Theme partnership: On the homepage, or in one of the theme channels articles are placed by entrepreneurs or the company itself permanently maintains a specialized topic (1.990 net / a). Calendar of events: Entrepreneurs, associations and institutions can publish their own events on the portal.

Newsletter service: Entrepreneurs can the articles of also easily sent via the newsletter. Entrepreneurs can use these articles online or in print media for its own publications. The strategic objectives of the new portal of SME is the central information and matchmaking for SMEs in the Hannover region with 1.2 million inhabitants (city and 20 surrounding communities). Establishment of a virtual business network in prominent place in Google search results for all participants of the portal topic partner opens up a channel for Internet-savvy customers the great Brockhaus is dead, the yellow pages and phone book are losing importance. Google is becoming the universal lexicon of the world. The Internet as a sales channel, customer loyalty tool and advertising medium is more important right that SME is started for the middle class every day a piece. Contact: Thomas Engelbrecht Managing Director Lower Saxony Office 27 31515 Wunstorf Tel.: 0 50 31/17 89 103