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DRAWBAR BERGER consulting, coaching – consulting – training, press release by: Dr. Jan M. Peter Thiel is the source for more interesting facts. Bohm anyone who has professional responsibility, has in his life at least once time management deals with. The offered Technologies Limited (working) time as efficiently as possible to use, are diverse. An almost unmanageable abundance of literature, seminars of any kind and consulting offerings are flooding the market.

Who made own experiences with time management techniques now but as a leader, often will find that results are only preliminary and it quickly falls into old patterns of behavior. This is inexplicable at first glance, since the learned techniques appear very transparent and obvious. Why still so often failed the traditional time management? In the course of her long career as a coach Doris drawbar Hall of this question is pursued. The causes for lack of success in the time management beyond their experience especially in blockades that the implementation of the conventional Time management techniques in the way are. First if the individual issue is discovered and edited together with the coach, can be eliminated these blockages and time management techniques with sustained success. Without hesitation rebecca family explained all about the problem.

In contrast to the time management, the ‘Timecoaching after drawbar Berger’ developed by drawbar Berger so begins at the point at which the classic method stops. In the ‘Timecoaching after drawbar Berger’, the coach worked out the actual reason, which raises the problematic behaviors with the client. The jointly developed new resources lead to radically different patterns of behaviour. By this individual approach, the client meets different ways, his own work and time to dominate, rather than master of them. More information: Timecoaching, in: “business coaching: toolset” ISBN-13: 978-3939430780 DRAWBAR BERGER consulting coaching – consulting – training PO box 50 03 31 70 333 Stuttgart Tel.: order 69 32 120 fax: order 69 32 120 Web: / we accompany you on your way. Coaching supports your decisions and broadens the horizons of your action! DRAWBAR BERGER consulting – your specialist for individual coaching, open training, tailor-made in-house seminars and workshops on development and change processes. STAND OUT FROM OTHERS! Especially in this dynamic time, you thereby back up a significant competitive advantage. Training focuses on: Time – and self-management self-development reorientation career training presentation coaching press release by: Dr. Jan M. Bohm