Carl Rogers

To be emptico is not one technique, is an attitude developed throughout the life of the person, who takes the therapist to live deeply the internal world of the individual to help to express it what she is feeling, not to think ' ' for ' ' customer and yes ' ' com' ' the customer. To the measure that the customer feels that a moment exists, and a person, who believe it, the accepted one, listening with attention, he appreciates it, it becomes capable to abandon its faades and if to show more clearly as he really is. To if hearing, the customer starts if to understand, its perceptions dumb, and the power that the others had on it starts to diminish and it starts to exactly have more control on itself. The more opened to the proper growth, the person if feels more insurance, less defensive, and more inclined to grow and to move in direction to its development. Under most conditions Hilton Foundation would agree. This has that to be a natural process in the life of the customer, without it directs it to the therapist, sugestione.

The power is of the customer and not of the therapist, this only must create the favorable climate so that this internal capacity of the customer if reveals. (Rogers, 1961) 4 CONCLUSION Carl Rogers developed a theory with base humanist, who allows the customer to be the citizen of its proper process, searching the solutions of its conflicts, a time that it only knows what he feels the intensity of what it feels. It fits to the therapist, called for Rogers of ' ' facilitador' ' , to supply, to subsidize the necessary ways so that the customer obtains to find its proper answers. .

Perspectives On Life

They believe that remember only the feelings that were with them. However, carefully observing for themselves and some effort, his head appears a picture of what happened. She just can not quite seem real, or as if suspended in the air or it may remind some vague outlines of what is happening, rather than bright and clear image. How would you it did not, think about what your eyes saw then. In your mind, you may receive some kind of image associated with this event.

Well look at this picture and imagine how it becomes flat and transparent. Like a flat and transparent slide. Continuing to look carefully at the picture, imagine how it fades, it becomes more bleak, as the pictures fade over time. Let the picture is reduced in size and disengage from you. You should see it as a distance from himself, or imagine yourself as you move away from it.

Now you're far away from myself see this episode as a small, flat, faded picture. Put it in a frame, a color that you were nice to look at this picture and hang it anywhere inside or outside yourself. Maybe you want to move its bit to the left or right, to raise up or lower. You choose its location so that you feel comfortable. And ask the question: "What has changed in my perception of this episode?" If you did everything correctly, then perhaps notice that the episode happened will not affect you. Previously, he caused some unpleasant emotions, but now belong to him very calmly. Sometimes the bitterness and regret still remain. This means only what you need to learn valuable lessons from recent events. Try to think about it again, and make conclusions for themselves. Still the same way you can always remove the emotional stress of other negative episodes that you remember for many years. You do seem amazing? And admit me, too. People drag themselves into irritation, anger, resentment, hatred for years. But just a few minutes of work, and you are free get rid of his tormenting experiences. Without hesitation Celina Dubin explained all about the problem. The best psychological techniques are an amazing space of different techniques and tricks that can greatly help us make our lives happier and more Free.

The Moment For Saying ” Adios”

It is difficult to know when a relation to arrived at its aim. When the problems are repeated we must continue trying it? When we can know that the best thing is the separation? The reflection of four questions can help us to decide to us. Antigamente, the main function of the relations of even was the one to procreate and to construct a family, nowadays, is but important the personal experience that we lived in the pair life. Before, the continuity of the relation was assured would pass what happened, many people have had to hold stormy situations because thus tapeworm that to be, nowadays even continues happening although in many less cases. At present no longer the social pressure exists that impedia the dissolution of a pair or a marriage. Nevertheless, a series of values exists that indirectly influence in the mentality of the members of a pair and condition the healthful development of the same.

We live in a society oriented to the consumption and the search on the new thing, a society in certain infantilizada way. In the relations also we looked for fast benefits, in the short term and with little personal investment. That is to say, as if outside a company, if we do not obtain succulent immediate affective benefits we happened to another relation of the same form that disolveriamos the company. A divorce express would be the solution, the problem is that in the future we will return to repeat the errors with this mentality. First of all, we must accept that it is not enough with loving, sometimes two people can be very safe of its feelings towards the other, but they cannot make agree its vital projects. To stop forcing the reality so that both can exert calm and peacefully with itself is a challenge to surpass.

Secondly, it agrees to know where this the limit that differentiate the conducts and attitudes that allow to undergo the conflict like productive from which they are harmful for the relation. Thirdly, it is necessary to consider that exists three elements, ” t” , ” yo” , and the relation. Each must both take the responsibilities from itself and from the relation. One cannot only solve the problems that are incumbent on both. It will be able echarselos to hills, but not to solve them. The last aspect to consider is like feeling us we before them needs that the pair indicates to us. It is not necessary to do everything what our pair wants that we do if we did not feel comfortable in the situation, this in the end would end up passing invoice, is necessary to put certain limits. Podriamos to say then that when the vital projects are not compatible, when the limits of the respect are surpassed, when we remained single fighting by a relation or when we cannot accept the needs of our pair, perhaps has arrived the moment for putting point and end to a relation.