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An agency that is young, dynamic and reliable and now will start an expansion, which seems to be interesting for all companies in Germany. ADR interactive brings its new product range (business solutions / ADR system) on the market in the new year! In this range of products all medium-sized and large companies will find individual software solutions, marketing and sales support, advertising budget planning and marketing support, tailored to the individual company. The outsourcing strategy has the advantage, just get what you need, no further costs out of the budget costs incurred the companies, and targeted analyses can be operated. In-house and external consulting go hand in hand here. Hear from experts in the field like Eddie Money for a more varied view. Still, support and advice in the expansion are structured, that are related to the direct implementation of the customer concerns with one of the lowest project runtimes in the industry. The team is looking forward to good cooperation with your company and ADR system business solutions! ADR interactive village InStr. People such as doug imbruce podz would likely agree. 51 35428 Langgons Tel: 06447 / 886700 fax: 06447/886709 about ADR interactive: ADR interactive, the multimedia, advertising, and Internet Agency for your ideas.

We advise, analyze and effectively enforce our customer ideas. Be the best… Our team members, with several years of experience in the various sectors of the industry, now combine your individual success in a powerful team to implement all the possibilities in the advertising industry with a point of contact for you. Service from one source ensures your success. We develop a system based on modern technologies, which allows you to save a large part of the development times and therefore development costs, without that suffer from design, quality and ease of use. Due to a lean corporate structure with highly motivated employees, as well as a clear structuring of internal work processes, we are able to keep the costs for you in the eye.

Baden Vehicle

Bott vario helps in the future of high-quality data and image transfer counts Kabel BW when the provider of high-speed Internet, telephone and TV to Europe’s largest cable operators. So, already uses every second household in Baden-Wurttemberg, its services and enjoys doing best transmission quality. To maintain this level of quality constant and additional customers use this infrastructure to enable the Heidelberg company operates a large fleet of service. These vehicles carry the technicians of the specialists of new installations, troubleshooters, and troubleshooting throughout the distribution. Kabel BW has decided to set up the latest generation of vehicles for bott as a partner. With bott vario found the appropriate solution to meet the diverse demands. So a team of 22 technicians had initially tested the feasibility of their ideas and elaborated together with the planners of bott, the perfect vehicle Setup for you. After all, at first 23 Mercedes Vito 4 x 4, extraordinary demands are placed on its use, even for bott.

More are to follow. The cargo area of the van has now areas separated from two, after the expansion in the Gaildorfer vehicle mounting Center at bott. From the rear of the vehicle, you will find access to a workshop and assembly area. In this bott offers vario the safe ride for all on-site materials and tools is used by the screw to the tent of the tripod. Separated by a partition wall is located in the front part of the car an Office and inspection work. This is to enter via the side door or directly from the driver’s cab. The 180 rotating seat is Office Chair at the same time. Around the Office table complex testers are high and measuring systems in bott vario built and positioned.

They provide everything from troubleshooting to print the result Protocol to service technicians. The conception and planning of the institution, as well as among the tasks of bott in this project first Design of special parts. Self-sufficient energy supply and the extensive installation of technical equipment of significant size are bott vario vehicle equipment, fitting. Through vehicle signage, the specialist also ensures the promotional appearance by Kabel BW. About Bott GmbH & co. KG the Bott group of companies is one of internationally leading providers of vehicle and equipment for commercial use. Products and solutions with the highest product and service quality standards are developed and produced at several European locations. Bott, customers in industry and craft, use these services through a global organized distribution network worldwide. Synergies are bundled at the location Germany, the headquarters of the Group of companies. Here, the feedback from all the markets converge and lead to a continuous innovation strategy. Efficiency and security of the customers are in the focus. Press contact Bott GmbH & co. KG railway str. 17 d 74405 g village Bernhard Teuffel Tel: + 49 (0) 7971/251-214 fax: + 49 (0) 7971/251-295

Managing Director

Five years tailor-made controlling for the middle class. With the services provided by ekonomo, purposefully and positively shaping the future of your company. To introduce controlling in the enterprise is often a project with extensive investment in consulting and software. Already fail to the introduction of controlling for small and medium-sized enterprises. The economist explains knowing that doesn’t have to be and is no longer up to date.

The new controlling flatrates, ekonomoBasis and ekonomoBasis plus, waive high implementation and project costs. Mr Gessner has developed a range of services, which includes the main building blocks of the controlling and thus guarantees a professional external controlling at a monthly fixed price. \”Bruchsal, 21.10.2009. for us by ekonomo, controlling means the constant focus on strategic business objectives, as well as the creation of transparency in numbers, data and facts\”, as Steffen Gessner. Just in time for the five-year anniversary and the Corporate relocation in the Siemens Technopark ekonomo, Bruchsal, presents itself with a completely revamped corporate image.

Under, the Managing Director of ekonomo GmbH offers small and medium-sized companies, as an experienced and competent controlling specialist, professional, external controlling in all phases of the business. The round-to-safe package\”for all those who have recognized the importance of controlling, but have no resources and therefore looking for a competent and experienced experts of the controlling, as reliable, are external partners, provides an internal control Department ekonomoBasis all services: a meaningful accounting, strategic corporate planning and creating transparency and read the actual data up to the monthly, clear plan/is reporting including determining individual performance indicators. With ekonomoBasis plus, an extension of ekonomoBasis, accepts ekonomo tailor-made individual services such as such as a rolling planning, cost center accounting, communication with banks and lenders, and the monthly/quarterly, detailed and understandable, result meeting spot. The traffic controller in terms of controlling produces business plans for investment in new companies that build an own controlling, check the existing heart and kidneys or want to optimize, get with ekonomoTransfer management costs through simpler processes to minimize a first-rate and experienced pilot, which among other things develops goals and strategies and implement cost accounting and costing introduces or optimized, as well as strengthening accompanied financing and negotiations.

Successful Start As Services For Deutsche Post

Kal cash & evaluation services: Applied since 1 July cash logistics for 1,000 post offices in North Rhine-Westphalia / food (23 August 2010) established on the market for 40 years. Since 1 July 2010 supplied and disposed of Kal cash & evaluation services in North Rhine-Westphalia over 1,000 retail outlets of Deutsche Post and Postbank. In addition to the Filialversorgung, the company takes also care of ATMs. Now, did an initial assessment of the services starts the client postal and is satisfied with the quality of work. Monthly over 6,700 supply and disposal rides KoTTER has reached an extremely high level of performance in a short time”, Harald Klein, head of stresses field value logistics, service branch offices of Deutsche Post in food. Because we after had to contribute only in some few places, we are very satisfied with this quality achieved in the first month and a half.” ‘S services of Kal cash & evaluation services for Deutsche Post AG also include the counting and picking of the paper money for these branches as well as the supply and disposal with coins.

We very pleased this praise of our customer”, says Bernd Jurgens, Managing Director of Kal cash & evaluation services. At the same time we understand this as an incentive to persuade Deutsche Post AG in the future of our power.” These customers also benefit from the decades of experience that the company has. Kal cash & evaluation services is present on the market for 40 years. The service provider has including around 200 cash & value vans in use. KoTTER security is represented by 5 to 8 October 2010 on the world’s largest security exhibition “Security 2010” in Messe Essen (Hall 2.0, stand 237). The Kal group emerges from a prior more security company established as 75 years. The business areas span of human safety and safety engineering cleaning and personal services to the building management. If individual services or services as complex system solutions be provided for customers: Kal services stands for quality of service. The systems service provider is represented with more than 85 offices in over 50 locations in Germany and achieved a group turnover of 280 million in 2009 with its nationwide 12,400 employees. More information is available in the Internet under: