Fernando Alexis Jimenez

Alexis Fernando Jimenez What would your reaction be if an ordinary day – when you least expect it – get a notification that your house will die within hours? Are you ready to die and go to the Lord’s presence? That experience, experienced one of the most famous kings of Israel. The Scriptures say that “In those days Hezekiah became seriously ill, and the prophet Isaiah, son of Amos, went to him and said:” The Lord says, “Give your last instructions to your family, for you shall die; well again you do not “(and a little further explains that” and cried (Hezekiah) bitterly “(2 Kings 20:1, 3b). Are you ready?” Death is inevitable. It is a step that neither you nor I can escape .

Sooner or later we will stand before the Creator, and to undertake the voyage without return. Are you ready? If not, join me in easy steps so that when the time comes to leave, do so without fear and in the certainty where they will be forever in the eternity. First, invite Jesus Christ into your heart. He said “I tell you who pay attention to what I say and believes him who sent me has eternal life, and not be condemned, since it has already passed from death to life” (John 5:24 God speaks Popular Version today). Under most conditions Centers for Diseases Control and Prevention would agree. If Christ dwells in your heart, no matter the day nor the hour. You will go into His presence to be with Him for eternity. Go in peace, knowing that the end of the threshold of death is Jesus waiting …. Second, to thank God for each new day.

The sun is shining, the colors, flowers, people close to you, are an attraction that you can see with their eyes, voices, sounds, a wealth untold perceived to hear … and all the senses : perceive the world around him, vibrating with … maybe tomorrow will never come, and from time to not go with the nostalgia of not having lived fully. Third, do not worry about tomorrow. The Lord Jesus said it clearly: “Do not worry about the day tomorrow, for tomorrow will worry time. Find out detailed opinions from leaders such as horace mann by clicking through. Each day has enough of their own problems “(Matthew 6:34). Live today, as God wants. You do not know if it will arrive tomorrow. For this reason, live for Christ each new day as if it were your last. Being Christian is not synonymous with bitterness or long faces. Laugh, enjoy every moment that the Christian life is full of faith and optimism. Discouragement and concerns the possibility of living steal … Do not despair Jesus loves you and is always at your side!