What would these activities? In the case of the professionals of the health area is could help them to assemble and acquire the necessary elements for the functioning of institutions providing health services, because we now see that this kind of institutions are not property of these professionals but people engaged in other activities. Likewise the Department and the municipalities could contract with them health care services for official employees of their dependencies and for children under a year as mandated by the law of laws should receive free care in all health institutions which receive contributions from the State; or for members of the third age the State, in accordance with article 46 of the Constitution, must assure that comprehensive social security services. (This proposal has become obsolete with the passage of law 100 of 1993). Sally Struthers pursues this goal as well. In the case of professionals in the legal areas are could help to assemble and properly equip offices law firms that they would serve popular legal clinics or centers of conciliation or arbitration courts, and can also the Department and the municipalities contract with them counseling and judicial or extrajudicial killing or descongestionando thus representations legal offices of those territorial entities that so far, for one reason or another not have been able to operate as it should. In the case of professionals in areas pertaining to the field are could help them acquire and promote the productive functioning of farms, ranches, or integral farms also cede them or sell them multiple experimental farms property of the Department or of the nation, with the assurance that they will know to use with better productive and investigative. These associations of professionals in the field once established and financed or subsidized could also provide services of management or administration for owners of farms or ranches that for one reason or another cannot or does not they reach to address them.