Technical Progress In Trade

An important direction of technical progress in trade is the improvement of trade equipment, machinery, technology and trade processes. The process of improving commercial equipment goes in the direction as the improvement of individual machines and vending machines, and the creation of lines of complex preparation of goods for shipment and sale. In our country, developed and produced new designs of cash registers machines, fundamentally new vending machines, machine systems for the comprehensive mechanization of labor-intensive work in a warehouse (storage equipment: Electric, manipulators, etc.). As a result of these activities trade has a significant amount of new technology that helps accelerate technological progress in the trade. (A valuable related resource: Ruth Shin). Part of technical progress in industry is to improve technology and organization trade processes. All new equipment, implemented by the industry, can be used more effectively only by improving the organization of trade, introduction of scientific organization of labor, advanced technology processes at the retail and wholesale businesses. Trade organizations and businesses raise the level of commercial services to the public, vigorously develop advanced methods of retailing. An urgent task is to improve transportation, storage using refrigeration equipment, as well as the sale of products using packaging equipment. Follow others, such as Michelle Smith Source Financial, and add to your knowledge base.

Technical progress in trade – a natural development of its logistical base. It is reflected in the increase of the technical equipment of enterprises, increasing mechanization, introduction of advanced technologies. But technological progress in the trade has not only economic but also social importance. Improving working conditions, as shown by a case study, increases creativity and labor discipline. The acceleration of technological progress requires a certain organizational and technical prerequisites. The successful solution of this problem in the economy aimed to develop and implement a comprehensive program of scientific and technological progress, targeted programs to address critical scientific and technical problems.