Technological Innovation

Making the most successful is the key to success. It tells us that the human talent plays a leading role in current and future development of the organizations, it is more flexible asset that gives more vitality to the Organization, as through it is that you can design, reach, implement , Adapt and rearrange any technological development feasible, practical or theoretical concept, which is even opens the door for Technological Innovation, and the latter is precisely one of the key pathways to be developed by organizations that aspire to a position of elite within the territorial market, national or international. It is therefore important to manage innovation. Rodriguez insists comment that all organizations are required to manage that talent they have on their people and bring new talent to innovate and adapt to changes, allowing you to stay alive and develop successfully. To understand more clearly the topic in question we must start by analyzing the meaning of human talent that we have defined and used as reference in this analysis. The combination of knowledge, skills, abilities, motivations and attitudes implemented by a person or group of people committed to achieve positive results in an Organization given environment. This definition could list many more variables that make up the human talent, but the key word that must not fail to mention and understanding is conjugation, as we have concluded that it is a mistake to analyze the human talent as the sum of knowledge, skills, abilities, etc., for seeing and can not be managed successfully, since the important thing is to understand the interaction and synergy established between all the variables to bring them into an integrated whole. .