The Boundaries Of Current PC Technology Are Soon Reached

Looking for new technologies Munich, April 4, 2011 one has become accustomed long ever-faster processors, larger memory and more powerful machines that. But with the current production methods, this race is soon finished. As technology now magazine CHIP, the chip production with conventional methods will encounter no later than 2015 silicon-based on their physical limits. And also drives will soon reach their capacity limit. CHIP shows what new technologies, the computer industry wants to revolutionize the PC. Replacement for Silicon plan manufacturer such as Intel to shrink their computer chips in the next few years. At some point a limit is reached however, from the physical phenomena affecting the computing”, explains CHIP editor Markus Mandau. Since then the necessary insulation coatings on the inside of the chips are so thin that the electron flow can be flawed.

This has resulted in that calculation errors occur”, so Mandau. The only way out of this trap was the transition to new materials such as graphs or Molybdenite instead of the previously used silicon. Prototypes already exist, however this also an adjustment of the production process of chips will be required. At the end of the magnetic memory of the current disk technology soon faces a similar problem. Due to the increased data density on the magnetic discs to a hard drive, you sometime not more permanently magnetized bits on it. A reliable storage of data is then no longer possible. The manufacturers assume that this physical limit is 1.3 terabytes per magnetic disk”, says Mandau. Solve this problem can be, for example, through special mechanical structuring of the discs surface or the use of laser light when the Magnetizing”, so Mandau.

But even these practices are placing new demands on the production process. More details about the new technologies, as well as CHIP explains your whose pros and cons detailed in a background report in the current issue 05/2011. Contact: Claudia Wurmsam PR CHIP Communications GmbH Tel.: 0 89/7 46 42 243 email: media chip the CHIP Magazine is a test instance, trend barometer and Technology Advisor for the digital world. Every month it reached 1.65 million readers (MA 2011/I) who are enthusiastic about digital technology around the workplace, and beyond. The magazine is published in 15 countries. For this and other press releases of CHIP communications, also see media