RIGHTS exemption from tax on income (ISR), when all of their income and assets come from donations, contributions, fees ordinary or extraordinary they are intended exclusively for the purposes of its creation and that in no case distribute, directly or indirectly profits or property among its members. (Art.6 subsection c, disc. 26-92 law of ISR and Art. 6 dto. 206-2004 law of the ISR) The the value added tax (VAT) exemption, exempt of charging VAT on the contributions received, under the condition of being properly authorized and all the above requirements (Art. 7 Inc. 13 the VAT law) however are final consumers, this means that they are not exempt from VAT on purchases that made.

(Art. 9 regulation law of VAT). Exemption of the tax of solidarity (ISO) in contributions received, under the condition of being properly authorized and all requirements specified above (Art. 4 Inc. ISO Act).

Tax exemption tax stamps and paper stamping special protocols on documents containing acts or contracts pledged under the condition of being properly authorized and all requirements specified above (Art. 10 Inc. 4 law of fiscal stamps). BENEFITS for LAS people that contribute to LAS associations civil contributors EARNERS, individual companies and societies MERCANTILE Los contributors in relation of dependence, individual enterprises and commercial companies, have the right to be able to deduct from their income tax amounts contributed to civil associations. Provided you comply with the following conditions: the maximum deduction permitted by this concept in each accounting period may not exceed 5% of net income, or a maximum amount of five hundred thousand quetzales (Q 500,000.00). For the deductibility of donations receiving appropriate, civil associations must be duly constituted and registered as such. Keep full accounts. Register as a contributor on the registration tax unified present annual sworn declaration of the ISR with annexes and requirements established by the law all by medium electronic. The SAT has legal authority to oversee civil societies, in case check that donations do not coincide with the accounting requirements of the entity which receives it, does not accept the deduction to the taxpayer who awarded it. (Art. 37 Inc. (d) of the income tax Act) (Art. 38 s law of ISR Inc.) (Art. 18 regulation of the income tax Act) Organization to run an organization optimally, it suggests, have your duly defined organizational structure, Vision of the Association, mission, beliefs, etc. When operations are high it is viable to have as a minimum the counter above indicated, receptionist, head of human resources, Dept. of technology, that is handled as if it were a mercantile company, with an efficient internal control structure, a good corporate governance where functions can be delegated as optimal, easy to control. With this manual, we aim to deliver to any group of persons that they have plans to make any or civil associations civil association, so they have a guide enabling them to analyse in which or which of the aspects noted some weakness in your institution.