The Organization

If the midst of a dozen will meet two or three well-known brand (note, not the company, and brand name) – it does not change the picture. The presence in the trading portfolio brand name instead of the company can say that the agency performed any stage of the study commissioned by another research firm, but did not enter a contract with the direct customer and, therefore, not have any relevance to the organization and planning of the project. Portfolio experienced agencies working in the market for several years, must contain a substantial list of known companies. Do not doubt the experience and reputation of the agency, if once he was entrusted research known major customers. This means that the agency rely on the best professionals in the marketing field, holding key positions in top companies.

An additional significant 'Advantage' for their cooperation with the agency is its research experience in your field. This requirement is particularly difficult areas, not associated with daily consumption. If you are working in the banking market in industry or construction, not every research agency will be able to fulfill your order. Of course, if the agency has specific industry expertise, if the team is aware of marketing specifics of this area, your research will be carried out quickly and reliably. In addition, you will not need to explain the intricacies of your business research group, working on your project, you can avoid permanent direct part in the study. The important role played by age Agencies, as directly indicative of his research experience as a portfolio.