The Structure

This method of printing forms, printing elements are passed through a paint, and white space of delay. Decal printing – a process in which at pottery, porcelain or glass applied decal. In turn decal is an image that is transferred to the souvenirs special method. On paper, the printing is carried out, usually by means of screen printing. Then a sheet with a pattern is treated with varnish and moistened in water, after which the image is transferred to the surface.

At the end of ceramic, porcelain or glass is sent to the kiln. As a result Decal printing and processing in the furnace turns durable, beautiful and environmentally safe products. In this article I would like to elaborate on the sublimation method of image transfer. This method appeared not so long ago, but has already established itself – as an effective, economical and very high quality type of printing on t-shirts, mugs, plates, etc. sublimation thermal transfer – printing ink in which dye sublimation sublimation paper is transferred from the painted surface. The method consists in the fact that printing inks or ribbons, pigment particles are heated instantly print head and mixed with the transition to the gaseous state, deep in the structure printed material. Sublimation printing can be used for printing on fabric.

Unlike other printing methods can be applied to the fabric of photographic images with high quality. Technology allows us to obtain bright colors are resistant to environmental influences. Sublimation technology is as follows. Printing images produced on inkjet printers, which use special sublimation ink.