Vasily Kandinsky

Accordingly, the red square can be realistically interpreted as the evening sky during sunset or symbolically as an allegory of the bloody World War II. Thus, the yellow box if there is a realistic interpretation may be regarded as a fusion of helium from hydrogen, and in the case of symbolic interpretation as an allegory of the theory, which considers light as a stream of material particles, or an allegory of the square of the speed of light. However, all these interpretations do not turn up in the described works of art for the simple reason that we are dealing here not with expressive material models, and arbitrarily interpreted to tangible objects. However, the situation will change radically, if such squares to construct a harmonic composition, which combines a system of contrasts and balance. In this case, will be a material object, which is expressive of the material model. This model encodes specific experiences associated with harmony of contrasts, and balance. Not based on technical characteristics of the entities and the use of non-illusory space lines depicting geometrized forms can be defined as neometrichesky primitivism.

In the absence of the dimension of color primitives come out of the dimension or novorazmernosti. Color in primitive forms entirely used monohromizme. In monohromizme or monochrome primitivism traditional ideas about the symbolism of color are personalized in nature. Using the principle of metonymy, the imaginary, monochrome take on a primitive associative array, by replacing proposed an object or phenomenon in the form of the primitive monochrome, lacking any recognizable content, other alleged objects or phenomena. This approach also applies to art works of abstract art. "However, it must be emphasized that quite clear in sound, so to speak monotonously colored elements do not exist in reality, that even the elements taken for major or primary elements, have not primitive and complex nature. All the concepts associated with primitiveness, relative, relative and therefore our scientific language, "said Vasily Kandinsky's founder and theorist of trends abstract art.

In the geometric primitivism primitivism stereometric allocated based on a combination of regular planar volumes: cone, cube, cylinder, sphere. Cubism is characterized by emphasized the use of conventional forms of geometrized, the desire to break up the real objects on stereometric primitives, the desire to identify simple geometric shapes, the underlying objects. That fully express the ideas of things, the artists rejected the traditional perspective as an optical illusion, and tend to give a comprehensive picture of their forms through decomposition and combining several of its species in a single picture. The increased interest in the form leads to a differentiation in the use of colors. Warm colors for protruding elements of plot motive, cold colors for distant or remote element of the picture. Stereometric primitivism as expressed in paintings tubizma, where the objects have in pictures of cylindrical shape. Form of paintings mostly tubular shapes are more streamlined, to approximate a cylindrical shape. "The primitivism primitive artist in the picture, but there is also the one who draws the primitives, "in the dual output, formed in arsizma delights, a general understanding of the technique of painting with the story dvurazmernoy deeply traditional motifs human life in the picturesque primitivism and basic geometric forms of primitivism.