Video Record Formats

1. DVDRip-a copy of the original dvd disc 2.DVDScr-This is a copy of 'promotional' dvd (disc critics, advertising or beta version) 3.SCR-SCREENER-This is a copy of 'promotional' vhs (tape for film critics, advertising, or version beta) 4.TC-TELECINE-It Digital copy of the original film movie (Eg cinema) 5.TC-super-roll-TC is a very good quality, as close as possible to the cpo DVDScr / DVDRip 6.CAM-CAMRip is shooting a hidden camera in a cinema 7.TS-TELESYNC This shooting hidden camera in a cinema for example , with good quality sound (eg using a headphone jack for those hard of hearing) 8.VHSRip-This is a copy of the original cassette vhs 9.TVRip-copy of a television channel 10.HDTVRip-This is a rip from hdtv movie (1920 x 1080 1280 x 780), which is with a resolution of the usual rip (sometimes with the original resolution). The quality is better than DVDRip 11.SATRip-This is a rip from a satellite video (usually a digital MPEG2 video). The quality depends on the provider and the most kanala.Obychno a rip, just a little inferior DVDRip (although eating exceptions).