Windows Linux

The main idea of this text – the actual dominance of Windows to other operating systems and the need to build a learning process for today's realities, not to happened in Brazil – have entered in the schools teaching Linux, and yesterday's graduates are very puzzled, seeing in the workplace ubiquitous Windows. The reader who has followed developments in this area, may recall China, with its National os RedFlag, based on Linux – but it's an isolated example, the transition process, the Chinese have not yet ended, and RedFlag goes the entire country, and not a single education system. For concerns about the school budgets will let you know that There are numerous discounts on bulk purchases as Windows, and the academic license. And what prevents the state ordered the light version of the os? Not all functions of "WINDOWS" are needed in the educational process, we can remove them and reduce price. And instead of ms Office to use the free analogues – text-formatting functions are the same everywhere, but the student will be familiar with the common platform for document and information exchange. Nobody and nothing prevents a specialized school distro os with embedded installer training programs and materials. When the state thinks about the need to abandon the information dependency and create a universal national platform, and then have to deal with the universal teaching of the relevant educational material, and is now logical to examine the reality and the future in the form of Linux – perhaps in the form of an optional course, for those who wish. .