Currently, the majority of companies using the Web to inform customers about the company, part of their products or services, both through communications internal and with other companies and customers. However, the interactive nature of the Web offers another kind of leading benefits to develop relationships with customers. This potential for interaction facilitates relationships of marketing as well as the customer support, to an extent that would have never been possible with traditional media. A Web site is available 24 hours a day on-demand customers. People who do marketing can use the Web to retain customers through an asynchronous dialogue that takes place at the convenience of both parties. Limitations the use of consumer electronic market, is often limited by the following factors:-the consumer has no internet access.-when the consumer can have access to the internet, not available time to follow in their quest for a better offer…-Lack of information on the web sites to visit…-Consumer does not handle internet. Conclusions the electronic marketing, offers customers the possibility of having at its disposal a large number of suppliers for the same product.

I.e., to increase supply (large number of providers), there is an almost immediate effect of the low sale prices. In addition to this, there are other aspects that are influenced by these behaviors, and is not more than the forced increase of the quality of the offered products, as it is the only way to compete separately, creating a competitive advantage over the other competitors. Another important aspect to highlight is the increase in productivity, which may be a direct consequence of the decrease of sales prices, since this happen, the company has the possibility of increasing its sales and with the generated utility, be able to make one greater investment in new technology, which in turn allows you to improve its production speed, or more simple yet, to allow increased investment in raw materials and other inputs used. It is valid which indicates, the Internet marketing is highly efficient in cost, offers many unique advantages that traditional promotion can not match and almost provides smaller businesses an unfair advantage over many more big companies. Internet marketing activities usually focus on two objectives; generate traffic to your Web site (to explore potential customers, increase sales, etc.) and improve the value of the brand. These are objectives typical, even traditional marketing, but online adopt an entirely new dimension. Email marketing systems, are able to classify customers according to almost any criteria in which one might think.

Once again, we are reminded that email marketing is so effective (when run correctly) and so inexpensive that it has arisen an entire industry support. Marketing by e-mail, a new counterpart of the Millennium to the traditional direct mail, offers clients selection capabilities unprecedented allowing customized messages to attract different groups of clients and get a much higher response rate. * Notes from the Chair of marketing: virtual classroom, graduate program, quality management and productivity of Faces, UC.

During World War

A year ago ex- Vice-president Al Gore threw a glove: he extinguishes and he returns to ignite America with 100% of free CO2 electricity within 10 years. We began to evaluate the viability of that change and took a still greater challenge: to determine how the 100 percent of the consumed energy anywhere in the world, to all the effects, could be provided by the wind, the water and the sun, and as soon as in 2030. Our plan appears here. The scientists have been accumulating pieces until the present moment so that in less than one decade, analyzing different pieces from the challenge, the objective of the 100% of renewable can be reached. More recently, in 2009, a study realised by the University of Stanford classified the systems of energy according to its impacts in global heating, the contamination, water supply, Earth use, the wild life and other problems. The best options were, in this order, Aeolian, to pave, geothermal, navigates and hydroelectric energy all which are impelled by the wind, the water or the light of the sun (they are known with abbreviations WWS in English). The nuclear power, the coal with CO2 capture and the ethanol were the options worse, as well as petroleum and the natural gas. The study also discovered that the electrical vehicles with batteries and of hydrogen fuel, could to a great extent eliminate the contamination in the sector of the transport.

Our plan needs million aerogenerators, solar hydroelectric facilities and, as much photovoltaic as termosolares. The numbers are great, but an insurmountable obstacle is not the scale; our society already before has obtained massive transformations. During World War II, the United States ended up adapting automobile plants to produce 300,000 airplanes and other countries produced 486,000 airplanes more. In 1956, the United States began the creation of the state system of freeways, that 35 years later extended to 47,000 miles, changing the commerce and the society.