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Quality Matrixx

Beginning and convenience Kite Matrixx HQ is unparalleled in its preparation for the flight. You just have to get him out of the bag, lay lines and wait until the wind fills the chamber. All these actions are carried out very quickly – in fact While others continue to pump pumps. Y-line system is a very good option for those who like to do different types of turns in the air. After jumping lines do not twist, as in traditional designs. If you love to jump UH, no doubt, appreciate the convenience chikenlupa, which is made very comfortable.

Closed-chamber design always keeps the shape of the kite. The range of wind If you do not have enough space for that keep all their kites in one place and you dream about to have a kite that can work with most of the prevailing winds on your home spot, Matrixx is the perfect solution! The strength of the kite lies in its broad wind range. High AR kites are rare for this level. Matrixx gives us the opportunity to enter the water with minimal wind, and if he is stronger, you will not only enjoy control. Automatic cleaning system Kites in this class could not miss an automatic cleaning system. This is undoubtedly very convenient, and everything happens without your intervention. Mud, sand, water – you can forget about it.

All these activities aim to extend the life of the kite, which will serve you for many seasons. Execution Quality kite team HQ, as always at the highest level. Only the best and most sustainable materials, from available on the market today have been used for the production of kites. Every seam, edge, reinforced and made with great care. HQ team made efforts to kite served you for many years. It would seem that Matrixx HQ and HQ Neo2 is only a simple change of the model, but it is not. Matrixx HQ kite is raised to an even higher level and gives you more than you could ozhidat.Innovatsii, achievements and experience of kites HQ means only one thing – we are dealing with Freestyle and Wave-round machine. With an incredible range of low wind. Kite combines all the previous achievements of the company HQ. Best features of kites HQ has been accumulated Matrixx, are you pochuvstuete at great speed and making a surprisingly high jumps. You agree to take this dose of adrenaline? The dream of every rider, now at your fingertips. HQ Matrixx is designed for those who need a guarantee of progress and evolution right now! Kite in general recommended riders with intermediate and advanced levels of skating. HQ Matrixx is a direct competitor FLYSURFER SPEED 3, but Matrixx HQ certainly has a more attractive price. We can say with certainty that the kite HQ Matrixx is the best and most versatile kite from a range of kites HQ! The main features of the kite: Very durable construction kite huge rise wide range of wind system of full depower (Total Depower Safetyline – TDS) Unsurpassed cutting into the wind Y-line system Comfortable bar Excellent behavior of the kite using a low range of wind highest quality new bar and the latest technology chikenlup Improved management and speed of rotation. Stunning hengtaym Extremely thin lines for minimum resistance Wide range of effective wind profile gives more power per square meter kite Feel the power and simplicity HQ Matrixx!