Chamber Air

Learn what Luftinsoufflierte are seat cushions and where these will help in this article. The term “luftinsouffliertes cushion” you wonder what it is and what it is designed to help. Behind this is a sophisticated technique that is easy to describe air Chamber cushions. The technology behind this is not new, but now heavily developed the optimal decubitus ulcer prevention, treatment support and comfortable seats. This type of seat cushions provide a pressure relief, especially in the area of the seat hump and an improvement in the position through the special air chamber system. All 64 or together depending on the model 72 related cells offer optimum setting the seat position! The air pressure of the many small air chambers is recently separately adjustable, allowing more detailed settings of individual support of the sitting position. Can be used, these are seat cushions in a variety of indications, such as such as spinal cord injuries, Multiple Sclerosis, hemiplegia, amputations, Pan rags plastic, Skin grafts and burns in patients with traumatic brain injury.

Older people need this kind of seat cushion preventive for decubitus prophylaxis, since otherwise quickly open wounds can result in the diminishing forces of the body. Even with abscesses on the buttocks, which can occur at any age, air Chamber cushions are a good alternative to the yet very simple air seat rings. Many customers need to do desk work and spend a lot of time sitting to buy this seat cushion there very convenient, easy to handle and is supportive. The exercise ball with round metal frame may be different again the Office Chair, on which a luftinsouffliertes seat cushion lies and brings maximum relaxing of seat muscles throughout the day. Doing work equal more fun again, butt doesn’t hurt, and the legs are sitting are also relieved, since the blood flow is significantly improved. The maximum load of the cushion is specified by the manufacturer of ADL up to a weight of 150 kg. This is the cushion for heavier People a super solution. If you are looking for more information, see different air Chamber cushions and detailed descriptions in the Stolle24 online shop. If you are looking for advice, the customer service of the Stolle24 medical supply store can help you with friendly and competent employees by phone and mail.

Android Smartphone

The basic features are free for users, i.e. either account, nor transfer fees apply. However, guaranteed the cashcloud app, which can be used from any iPhone, Android Smartphone or PC with Internet connection, highest security standards – based on the eMoney directives of the EU. Innovative, safe and convenient payment tool can be used anywhere, anytime. Since November 2013 a NFC stickers can be ordered via the cashcloud app easily, can be used on the back of the Smartphone attached also to the contactless payment in trade. With the cashcloud Prepaid MasterCard NFC sticker can be paid PayPass Terminal in almost all online stores and all transactions with MasterCard.

The sticker acts as a virtual payment card and mobile payment allows each Smartphone owners. Dr. Carsten B. Henkel, since October 2013 as a management board member responsible for the strategic development of cashcloud, sees the added value of NFC technology particularly on the customer side. With the cashcloud app waiting time at the Office can be significantly reduced, because any change must be gathered and mobile payment is completed in less than a second”, commented Carsten B.

Henkel. Also additional services could be offered on the Smartphone, such as location-based coupons of the dealer. In cooperation with the trade, it is therefore the goal of the mobile payment provider to convince 2014 more people from paying with your Smartphone. “The benefits of free, quick, and convenient transactions, as it offers cashcloud are obvious”, explains Olaf Taupitz and added: customers must first have the opportunity to try out the new services and to learn the benefits even before the new technology can prevail at the masses. ” More information about the cashcloud NFC sticker and the cashcloud team Olaf Taupitz, Sven Donhuysen, and Carsten B. Henkel find under: about cashcloud AG the cashcloud E?Wallet draws in conjunction with the new free cashcloud app the full potential of your smartphone from: anywhere, anytime. Cashcloud offers the next generation of online? and offline payment with the most innovative, safest and most convenient payment?Tool, which is currently available. Cashcloud guarantees highest safety standards – based on the eMoney directives of the EU. More information on