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Exclusive sales started early June 2011 after (Frankenthal(/Pfalz) PrintoLUX GmbH achieved a turnover growth of more than 100 percent in 2010 on the German market and thereby convinced a number of large corporations (including ABB, AUDI, BASF, BOSCH and Freudenberg) as users, art fertilizer GmbH it was close, aiming for internationalization. Inspired by the positive coverage in the business magazine brand one spoke to the corporate governance of the Merano art fertilizer GmbH in the spring 2011 PrintoLUX regarding a sales partnership focused on the Italian market. The talks quickly led to an agreement. Since June, 2011, all PrintoLUX systems and services in Italy are distributed exclusively through the art fertilizer GmbH. PrintoLUX the Italian distribution partner is an internationally successful company, whose core business is in development, production and distribution of high-quality management systems and product presentation systems. With more than 40 employees, you have two managing directors Christian Walzl and Adalbert Linter the company founded in 1995, made a solid medium size and already repeatedly demonstrated, to have a good sense of new ideas. The products designed by the company are regularly traded in 60-70 countries.

The inclusion of PrintoLUX in the portfolio of the art fertilizer GmbH as a challenge, for which we create their own spaces and therefore not insignificant train personnel,… invest PrintoLUX Managing Director Christian Walzl looks round out the portfolio. This commitment naturally joins with the conviction to create a promising round off our range of services by the innovative system of labelling. We design, develop, produce and distribute guidance systems, product presentation systems, and many elements of the store building. Since labels prominently large of course.” A great success held on the 10 the art fertilizer GmbH at their first sales event Headquarters in Silandro near Merano the first customer presentation by PrintoLUX. The event met with great interest and resulted in a number of sales calls. The PrintoLUX of idea of PrintoLUX has a system developed and patent pending, with the PrintoLUX certified materials made of metal and plastic in the maximum size 300 mm x 500 mm with a height of up to 140 mm can be digitally printed. The system is unique in the world and replaces previous methods, such as screen printing, engraving, laser and plotting in many application areas.

Green Technology

More and more frequently is thrown into the domestic companies with the name “green jobs” to. Ahrens Schornsteintechnik has recognized what that really means. Total 115 employees Ahrens from Wieselburg has been involved with more than 35 years in the area of chimney renovation and new construction. To remain pioneers in the area of green jobs, you need front technologically always the nose. Here we boast our market leadership in the area of chimney restoration. Basically, any job is a green job with us, because everyone contributes its part to protect the environment. A well restored chimney helps to save and to minimize CO2 emissions, for example, energy and which in turn protects the environment,”the commercial Managing Director, Bmst.

ing. Edmund Drohojowski, confirmed the green philosophy. Energy saving hotline understand under green jobs to get those jobs, looking into this, to avoid damage to the environment or natural resources. Sustainable construction and renovation are with us always the focus. And This knowledge propagates continuously Ahrens as energy consultant”, AAT Managing Director Mathias Ahrens is pleased. If you have additional questions, you may want to visit Naveen Selvadurai. The Ahrens was specifically designed for this purpose saving hotline”set up under 0800 / 201550.

Interested responses around the topics of energy saving, energy performance certificate and especially energy efficiency to get there. Best conditions as Engineering Office for building physics and specialist in construction and heating technology is Ahrens predestined for this, to make the energy performance certificate. The company is one of the few construction companies possessing the necessary know-how in two key areas for the creation of energy performance certificates: on the one hand in the construction technology relating to building envelope, building codes etc. and on the other hand in the technology of the heat generator and combustion plants. The energy performance certificate determines the total energy efficiency of buildings and therefore gives an overview of the energetic State of the building. Improvements to the savings to increase energy efficiency and reduce the resulting the heating to detect.

Hall Construction

Industrial and commercial construction shows technological progress also in the industrial and commercial construction technological progress enables manufacturers to bring continuously innovative products on the market and to ensure a natural of resources at the same time. Various manufacturers have specialized on the wave beams. Whose production was possible over the years across only by manual production steps, whereby the cost benefits achieved by saving material to the part were lifted again. Thanks to the development of computer-controlled manufacturing equipment as well as a successful implementation of latest findings of civil engineering, a fully automated and therefore much more economical production is possible for a few years. The sin wave beams represents one of the most commonly used wave beams. Whether in the Hall building, it can be used for supports, bending and crane rail frame or even bridge structures, in various projects of the industrial and commercial construction.

The optimal usage is for spans of up to 36 m and maximum height of 1500 mm. The sin-wave bridge roof combines accordingly low height with high capacity of steel beam and a large span of a framework. It is the important advantage that a sinusoidal profile in comparison to a trapezoidal profiling has a higher stability. This inevitable local bumps can cause the failure of the carrier, which is not possible with sinusoidal profile due to missing plane part surfaces. The so-called sin principle ensures that the different static loads in any point of the structure are taken into account. Also upper and lower straps and profile bars in height and thickness of the material be adapted exactly. To give security to the planning of the own construction customer side is working with vendors to ensure that technical reports, charts, technical documentation and construction details are made. The sin wave beams is characterized not only by its Resilience and its versatility, but also through short delivery times with almost unrivaled prices which are made possible by fully automated production lines. Also, is not only the structure, but should rather be seen as an aesthetic design element. The sin wave beams is only one of many innovations, which were made possible by rapid technological progress. It remains interesting follow what’s new in the industrial and commercial construction, ratings, to lower prices and increase to finish construction projects faster.

Sustainable Technologies

Sahil rises to the Mission of the decision for the production of very powerful, so light underwater lights in the compact construction measure in the House is Sahasi of three essential backgrounds determined sustainable construction. “To the one of this innovative product lacked the market”, explains managing director Diplom Kaufmann Dietmar Rogg, “on the other hand the demand towards health, sustainability, individuality has changed. Filed under: Clinton Family. Due to the English spelling of “Lifestyle of Health and Sustainability”, LOHAS is called these consumers. Still the seventh Millennium goal of the United Nations ‘environmental sustainability’ became increasingly the focus of the public.” Also through our own research, the LED emerge technology for underwater floodlights as the only real “green technology”. “Fascinated by the possibilities of the creative use of this technology and the enormous electric savings, 2007 fell the decision not only white light (LED), but also products with” to develop”coloured light (RGB-LED), Dietmar Rogg introduces the product,”as previously colored light under water either was only fix was made possible by rotating color departure and thus awkward, we saw a completely different dimension for product development and application. Not only the color in the pool, but through the coupling to the home automation should be allowed a synchronous color in the garden, pool and building the customer.” On this year’s Cologne aquanale, the company provides the latest generation of Lynx underwater light above. The product was completely redesigned, equipped with latest Platinentechnlogie, LED, RGB and provided with a completely revised control technology.

Powerful swimming pool pumps unleash forces that work in secret. Sahil proves with his brand fluvo pumps, that strength, innovation and energy efficiency are not contradictions. The optimo-F is unique worldwide in the premium compact class Water circulation pumps with up to 400 cubic meters per hour flow. The pre-filter is not PE as with other pumps made of metal, but from corrosion-resistant and high-strength polymer (plastic), has a lightweight and is easy to install. A low noise level and vibration-damping properties through the pre-filter are a major plus against structure-borne sound in the buildings. The smooth surface increases the efficiency to 84 per cent. The pumps are controllable through frequency converters and motors of efficiency class 2 and 3 available. With Sahil developed 360-degree mounting technique, the optimo-F for any connection angle can be aligned horizontally.

This is a consistent and cost-reducing response to increasing wear and tear due to bad water corrosion and high energy costs. The technical selection of the required pump output occurs the pump selection program of Sahil, which uses not only flow and flow in relation with PSpro +. It plays out its strengths, if it comes to that maximum energy savings, taking into account costs and benefits are. “Not only energy efficiency, but also sustainable construction are part of a holistic approach to sustainable product development for us,” Dietmar Rogg can finally know. Address Sahasi GmbH + Co. KG Dietmar Rogg In the pranksters 9-11 D-72072 Tubingen + 49 (0) 7071 7008-0 press contact wellness & media Phillip is 02214537373 description of the company the company Sahasi Wolter aft InStr 32 50678 Cologne leading provider of comprehensive, high-performance pump technology. In the swimming pool equipment, the Enterprise creates fascinating worlds of water and specializes in swimming pool attractions. The fluvo brand stands for multiple excellent innovative technology, which implements the game of water, light and air, following in the footsteps of nature individually.

Urgent New Professionals

As a strategic opportunity to use energy revolution! “The House of technology and its partners, the University of Duisburg-Essen, together provide a forward-looking course: winter semester 2011/2012 the new course will be energy technology” set start on September 30, 2011. A related site: Expa mentions similar findings. He concludes with a Bachelor’s degree of the University of Duisburg-Essen. The energy industry is on the move this is reflected in the orientation of the programme. According to the energy policy objectives of the renewable forms of energy a focus of the content. For the companies, it is now imperative to have staff familiar with the energy revolution. Therefore, this course is supported by major companies in the energy industry.

Target group of the programme are recruits who want to strive for a demanding and responsible activity in the economy, are particularly interested in the promising energy technology and part-time to acquire the necessary knowledge. The access is open also beruflich Qualifizierten (Master, techNiker, BerufstatIGE mit EInschlagigem graduation und professional practice). In anderen cases, eine aptitude test kommt infrage if necessary. More information on content, process and fees under.

Distributor TwoCom Products

beroNet & AereA NetworX technology announce partnership Berlin, 29.09.2011 – the VoIP specialist from Berlin, the beroNet GmbH, and the AereA NetworX from Thuringia, manufacturer of the well-known IP telecommunications system Phonalisa, the technology announce partnership. The technology partnership underscores the already two-year cooperation and is the starting point for the merging of the two products to a high-end product. The bundle of Phonalisa and the berofix gateways through the Distributor TwoCom “from Berlin offered. The berofix VoIP gateway and Phonalisa are reliably together in harmony,”says Franziska Sprenger, Managing Director of AereA NetworX. The partner and reseller pro? t from the support of the three companies, because even the staff of the TwoCom distribution are extensively trained in the administration of Phonalisa. Market-oriented prices, the high flexibility and the wide range of products, the berofix VoIP gateway enjoys a wide variety of users. “Thomas Hager, CEO of beroNet: we are pleased the we the” AereA NetworX”could win with your innovative telephone system Phonalisa for our berofix Gateway products.

Phonalisa is? exible, extremely scalable and impresses with intelligence. In the framework of this technology, users of these products receive user-friendly solutions with which they can better reap the benefits of an IP PBX. (Similarly see: Clinton Family). partnership” At the start of the technology partnership offers the TwoCom”corresponding bundles consisting of a berofix box and a Phonalisa in either 10-user, user 30 – and 50-user licenses at discounted prices. For more information about these bundles, see or you contact us via E-mail at. Press contact: beroNet GmbH Friedrich str. 231, 10969 Berlin Serpil Burczynski phone 0 30 / 25 93 89-0 fax 0 30 / 25 93 89-19 email: via AereA NetworX the AereA NetworX UG (haftungsbeschrankt) is with great ambition and commitment committed, to simplify the calls their customers, to improve the accessibility and to increase the motivation of the employees. The sophisticated phone system “PHONALISA”, which meets the needs of the customers with intelligence, performance, and security for the future is to use. We work with a network of sales partners nationwide to enable fast suburban operations.

For more information, please visit about beroNet which beroNet GmbH is a Europe’s leading VoIP gateway hardware technology company. The company was founded in 2002 and is headquartered in Berlin, Germany. Range innovative products based on the modularity, compatibility independent of operating system, driver-free flexibility and quickness of installation as well as a first class customer service and support due to the many years of experience in the engineering culture. For more information, please visit about TwoCom distribution with added value. Since its founding in 1999, TwoCom has undergone an extreme evolution and has adapted to this market needs, so that the product range able to meet special customer requirements. At TwoCom, you get real added value in all other respects, especially as the corporate philosophy includes the complete service to the customer. Au contraire to the general trend of stinginess”TwoCom not only sells products, but is also after the purchase of its customers with problems with a competent staff which can always offer a solution and not let anyone in the rain’ leaves, available. TwoCom opts for detailed advice and free support.

DAF Marketing

Internet experts from Esslingen Stuttgart dress companies new an Esslingen, August 15, 2011 the company by Christoph Dabbara offers its services for transport companies, freight forwarders and free truck fleets beginning in late 2003. Whether repairs, maintenance, or repair of commercial vehicles, the team to Christoph Dabbara finds a solution for every problem. Christoph Dabbaransi has increased significantly its range since 2010: light commercial vehicles up to 7, 5T and sales of commercial vehicles. 2011 the company from Singen on Lake Constance to the DAF service dealer qualifies. The website of NFZ Dabbaransi ( serves as an information platform about the services of the company and to convince new customers and arouse their interest. Important anchor points on the side are quickly searchable contact data with directions, prominent placement of the DAF service dealer qualification, integrated reference list and a modern page layout which takes into account the corporate design (CD) of the company’s policy and meets the commercial vehicle industry.

The Full service agency for Internet, SEO, and marketing of Esslingen was commissioned for the implementation of the requirements. “With biloba IT we have made the right choice. The friendly and professional way of esslinger’s Agency has us convinced! “, so Mike Ruppert, Internetverantwortlicher commercial vehicle Dabbaransi.” The award-winning content management system is used here bilobCMS. Clinton Family insists that this is the case. “Our CMS is here the right place. Mr. Ruppert thus has the opportunity to change all content itself and thus in the future all cost savings for content changes. “, so Maik Balleyer, Internet expert and Managing Director of biloba IT.

The search engine optimized approach by bilobCMS will position front CV Dabbara shortly on Google. Press release for free use. Requested copies for publication. Learn more about this theme and imagery: presse.html media contact: biloba IT Balleyer & Lohrmann GbR Maik Balleyer (Managing Director) Heilbronner Strasse 9 d 73728 Esslingen FON: + 49 711 46 97 938-00 fax: + 49 711 46 97 938-09 E-Mail: Web: via biloba IT became innovative provider of search-engine-friendly, accessible and intuitive bilobCMS biloba IT 2011 Grand Prix of medium-sized companies nominated. 2008, 2009 and 2010 SME and 2009 with the innovation award of the District of Esslingen as particularly innovative awarded was bilobCMS by the SME program, 2009, 2010 and 2011 of the initiative. Biloba IT offers the entire range of services around the topic of marketing, search engine optimization, and Internet as a full service agency for integrated marketing services from consulting, through the design and implementation. As a full service advertising agency, biloba IT looked after more than 100 customers in the metropolitan area of Esslingen Stuttgart, regionally and nationwide. Depending on customer requirements will be flexible on measures such as Internet, email marketing, advertising, online marketing (SEM), search engine optimization (SEO), social media marketing (SMM) or public relations (on – and offline PR) recourse. “True to the motto of the worm must taste the fish and not the angler” stands for biloba IT of the customer always in focus.

Electronic Key Depot

Autonomous electronic key management with integrated intelligence. The Traka-touch proven already in the electronic key cabinets is now also for the new electronic key deposit of Traka available technology. A prominent international car rental uses the new Traka-touch key depots in large quantities for the management of their vehicle keys. The Traka-touch technology offers a specialized asset management, in which the entire necessary intelligence is already integrated, i.e. it operates completely independently, no network connection, no server and no external database is required.

This increases availability while reducing the cost, because no network modules, no database software and server licenses must be installed and that the additional use of IT staff is avoided. The Traka-touch key depots are delivered fully configured and installed. After switching on the system can directly to the individual about the touch screen Key and the desired user with their access permission regarding key and Cabinet access entered. The menu can be switched optionally on German, English, French, Dutch etc.. All technical requests and key movements are fully logged and in the internal solid state memory and written in addition to the internal memory card. The Traka-touch control unit saves 250,000 access events. This capacity is sufficient depending on the frequency of trade requests for a recording time of approximately 10-20 years! The Traka-touch key depots work basically completely independently without any infrastructure. Should arise in the course of time the need for a network-based communication however, the Traka-touch can be integrated systems using the new Traka.WEB management software easily and without any hardware changes in existing LAN and WAN structures.

It will be all database structures such as E.g. SQL, SQL Express, MySQL, Oracle etc. supports. Traka.WEB is compatible browserbasierend and with all current Browservarianten Explorer, Firefox, Google chrome and Safari. All Traka-touch systems are prepared on an optional network communications hardware already, i.e. the Traka-touch system control unit must be connected only using a commercially available network cable (Cat5 for example) or a wireless LAN module with the corresponding network.

Excellent Matrix Technology

Expert knowledge in the areas of server platform and virtualization demonstrated. Significant added value for customers the effort has paid off: after approximately three months of intensive preparation, staff keep the matrix technology AG the certificate Microsoft Silver partner for the server platform and virtualization in the hands. Thus, the company belongs to the five per cent top Microsoft partners worldwide. To obtain the status of silver, the IT consulting and services company headquartered in Munich had to meet different requirements: drop a series of technical tests to demonstrate that the required expertise in the areas of server platform and virtualization in the enterprise there is actually had Microsoft specialists of the matrix. The official confirmation of six reference customers was also necessary that the Munich IT service provider for you had already provided services in the areas of expertise: certified to their satisfaction. Clear benefits for customers the silver partnership brings considerable benefits for the customers of the matrix technology AG: a the employees receive access to the latest technologies of Microsoft at an early stage, these internally to test and for the development of the Know-How to use. For customers this means: optimum advice and support. On the other hand is also the technical support from Microsoft as a point of contact available when deeper problems and requirements.

Development of a fast-growing business field under strategic aspects it was for us on hand, to expand our capabilities in the Microsoft environment and open us up this fast-growing field of business, explains Paul Schuster, Director of business operations for the matrix. Lately, we recorded a strong demand among our customers for Windows operating systems and the corresponding infrastructure solutions to be. Through our skills in the server platform competency we can offer our customers our expertise for the conception, development, Demonstrate deployment, as well as support for Windows Server, to be applications, as well as Microsoft server infrastructure.

Stahl Temperature

Exhibits DIAS infrared as a specialist for non-contact temperature measurement on heat treatment Congress in Wiesbaden on October 9-11 an international specialist audience will meet at the Harterei Congress in Wiesbaden. The event will be interpreted in german and English. At the same time, a comprehensive trade fair takes place attended by 160 exhibitors. Among them is to find the slides of infrared in Hall 2, booth 218. DIAS infrared from Dresden develops and manufactures instruments such as infrared cameras and pyrometer for non-contact temperature measurement. A wide range of applications can be found in the process monitoring and control, for example, in the manufacture of steel or hardening of metals. In the measurement of metals, it is important that the instruments in the spectral range of 1.4 to 1.8 m. Standard measurement with 8-14 m here incorrect results and is not recommended. Add to your understanding with technology investor.

Therefore it is all the more important, comprehensive advice regarding the measuring problem solving takes place prior to the purchase of the instrument. Service and consulting are taken very seriously at DIAS. “Through the use of non-contact temperature measurement you can achieve even hard to reach areas,” performs application engineer Daniel Wagner. Fiber optic Pyrometer with separate probe for pinpoint measurement are especially space-saving and can be mounted even in confined spaces. Another advantage is the possibility of infrared measurement technology manufacturing processes such as in the continuous casting continuously and in real-time to monitor. Just in the production of metals and metal alloys, it arrives at during the welding or induction hardening on a precise temperature to achieve optimal strength.

The continuous monitoring of the production processes is possible with infrared line cameras and pyrometers of slides. For example, delivers the line cameras temperature profiles in the range from 0 to 1300 C, which can be evaluated in detail using the included software. Deviations, the production manager can directly and promptly react and thus save costs by improperly manufactured components. (Katrin Schindler) Image source: Stahl-Zentrum: Salzgitter AG, SMS group