Modern Year

Teacher: Luzimar Rodrigues Disciplines: History Series: 7 year of Basic Ensino PLAN OF COURSE 1. Summary: Analyses/Reflections of subjects and applied problems related to the study of the thematic ones in the seventh year of basic education. 2. Objectives of Disciplina: It disciplines it History, given in Basic Ensino, has as, main, challenge for the pupils: to reflect, to analyze and to problematizar history while it has left integrant of the life of each pupil, of form to make possible them a systematic and critical understanding of the reality. Therefore, the pupil must be lead by the professor so that he can understand the historical time, the transformations and mutations of the reality. If you would like to know more then you should visit financial technology.

Professor, however, must to be mediator, that will teach the pupil to study of to be able to come it to form to understand the proper reality that it surrounds to it, to question the world its redor, not to have laziness to exert the critical sense. Of this form, the pupils are stimulated to use questionings, As? Why? So that? Being thus, lessons of History must be planned in accordance with what it is lived by the pupils, must contextualizar the events passed in the gift, must be planned in set with the pupils. 3. Content Programtico: The formation of the feudal Europe Worlds beyond the Europe Changes in the Europe Changes in the art and the religion the meeting between two Spanish and English worlds in America the Portuguese overseas empire colonial northeast 4. Methodology the adopted methodology is Construtivista, through actual and participativas lessons in the boarded subjects of the texts suggested in the bibliography, the contents will be introduced and mediated for the teacher with posterior deepening by means of individual activities and in group, in extraclassroom or classroom.