Municipal Hospital

Ahead of the displayed one, this research has as objective to carry through a statistical survey of the number of alcoholism case to give entered Hospital Mnucipal de Cuit/PB, during the period of November of 2010 the January of 2011. METHODOLOGY Is about a descriptive and exploratrio statistical study. For Cervo and Bervian (2002) in the descriptive research if it observes, it analyzes and correlate changeable facts and phenomena without manipulating them. For Smara and Barros (2001) the exploratria research is characterized by the informal main fact of being, flexible and creative, looking itself to know a first contact with the situation to be searched or optimum knowledge on the study object to be raised in a research work. The research was carried through during the period of November of 2010 the January of 2011 in the Municipal Hospital of Cuit, city with more than 20 a thousand inhabitants, located in the paraibano Curimata. Beyond the inhabitants of Cuit, the related hospital takes care of to some inhabitants of the neighboring cities that they need medical, ambulatorial attendance. The place was chosen by accessibility and the experience that it possesss in the treatment of alcoolistas. r.

The research involved the statistical survey of the number of bigger alcoolistas of 18 years that if found interned for the respective treatment. Inclusion criteria had been considered the alcoolistas interned for accomplishment of the treatment of desintoxicao and alcohol consumers who had suffered some I aggravate to the health in result of the use of the alcohol. The data had been stored in the program of Microsoft Office Excel, calculated and transformed into tables and graphs. The descriptive statistics was used in the analysis of the data. RESULTS AND QUARREL During the period understood between November of 2010 the January of 2011, had given entered in the ambulatorial service of the Municipal Hospital of Cuit 17 individuals for problems had to the use of the alcohol.