CINEMA Stick Technology

Opened now actually up to 24 hours of video on a DVD (as a pure disk) bring new recycling opportunities for classic Videokontent up to 24 hours, first test developments could video on a DVD applications. Due to the high amount of data of the base material ongoing beta developments and special compression, and encryption and decryption procedure applied this, providing a perfectly respectable video quality “combined with a stutter free playback”. The content could be played as offline via a special CINEMA TICK content player application (E.g. using a new Windows-runtime) from a DVD and spotted even on a television using the video cable. In addition, the sound quality on the basis of a special algorithm in CD quality would remain. Artifact-free playback of video data smoothly playback video encryption possible (DRM) audio in CD quality watermarks of possible offline copy protection possible development on Windows, Linux, and Mac runtime possible new Marketing tool for video recyclers and Kontentinhaber for more information see:.

Rio De Janeiro

To know if such microbe it caused some illness, it carried through blood tests in the inhabitants of the region From this finding, the doctor described the clinical picture presented contaminated, also studied the characteristics of the illness and its mode of propagation. One knew then that the barbers infested house d wood-the-puncture, attacking the inhabitants while they slept. As the intestine of the insect small FOOT, at the same time that the barber ingests the human blood, it expels excrements with the chagsico protozorio. Importunada for the bite, the victim tends to coar leasing of the small wound and with this the contaminated material falls in the chain sanguineous, allowing the infection.

These diseases if extended for the field, that is, for the population poor and when the disease picture increased she debilitated all the part of the poor population, that did not have money to buy remedy some of the people arrived to change its belongings for the medication. The great focus of contagious infectum illness was not only extended in the interior, gave credit that great city of Rio De Janeiro had great ‘ ‘ ninhos’ ‘ of proliferation of illnesses, for this reason the governing that they commanded there, had given order so that it was destroyed old building in form of tenement houses who were located in the center of Rio De Janeiro.

After that, after the falling of trees of these building initiated a great work of hygienic cleaning of the area, therefore the city would start to gain new models architectural, therefore very they believed that the River of this time of ‘ ‘ Civilize; ‘. The city of So Paulo also does not happen very different the city of Rio De Janeiro, therefore So Paulo also it passed for demolitions of Building and other transformations, but only that in well gradual way..

Product Presentation: Pharma-dispenser VPHD

ViscoTec presents the new pharmaceutical dispenser VPHD with endless piston-principle for a gentle dosing and filling of medical products. Today, highly precise dosages in the micro are requirements imposed on pumps for the fields of medicine, biotechnology and analysis technology to ML and minimum flows. These requirements to better meet and all advantages of the endless piston-to be able to use that principle ViscoTec has developed the pharmaceutical dispenser. So, a high priority was assigned to the pharmagerechten design. All metal surfaces are polished and have a surface roughness of RA < on 0.8. This ensures a protection against microbial deposits and an easy to clean of all contaminated surfaces.

All non-metallic wetted parts are FDA compliant and approved for the pharmaceutical industry. Another feature of the pharmaceutical dispenser is a 3.1 certificate for all of the metal parts. The lower limit was with the previous pump types and sizes limited quantity to be dispensed to about 2 ml. With this new development we can cover now the range % and the comfort of the valveless metering to 0.2 ml with the usual dosing accuracy of 1. In addition, the pharmaceutical dispenser are dead space optimized and have a lock chamber with Luer-lock connectors and a seal package developed specifically for the pharmaceutical industry. The stainless steel actuator is hygienically encapsulated, suitable for a wet cleaning and is available in a single cable solution. The pharmaceutical dispenser can be disassemble completely without tools in few minutes and assemble.

The wetted parts can be simply sterilize in an autoclave after cleaning. As the pump outlet are an end piece with PharmCom clamp or a newly developed adapter to the thread – and sealless recording of different Fulldusengeometrien or a Luer Adapter for standard fill needles to choose from. ViscoTec offers the ideal system with this new development to media with microcapsules or bacterial suspensions process secure, to destructive and highly precise dosing. Other applications are accurate filling of high-priced pharmaceuticals, used in 2 K systems and uniform dosages of caterpillars, etc. in the areas of pharmaceutical, biotechnology, medicine or in the food industry. The ViscoTec pump u. Dosiertechnik GmbH ViscoTec pump u. Dosiertechnik GmbH has worldwide almost 100 employees and in Toging metering systems and components that are used for example for the application of glue tracks in fully automated Assembly processes and covers in a wide sector of the aviation industry up to micro-electronics manufactures off. In addition, dosing systems, fillers and barrel emptying units are manufactured for the cosmetics, pharmaceutical and food industry.