The Amaznia possesss an important paper in the cycle of carbon of the planet, for having great influence in the changes of the climate. Moreover, the balance of the Amazonian atmosphere is subjects to the climatic variations. Populations human beings in the Amaznia constitute a part of the ecosystems in which they live. The scale and increasing intensity of the activities human beings have significant impacts in other parts of these ecosystems, with local effect, national and global.

Impacts of the activities human beings on terrestrial ecosystems include the effect of the deforestations, of the lumber exploration, forest fires and fires. Current and waited ambient changes negative affect the human beings in the Amaznia and other places. These changes include the loss of the productive capacity of ecosystems, reduction of ciclagem of water and contribution to the effect greenhouse. The contribution of loss of the forest to the global changes such as climatic changes and the loss of biodiversity, finally adoption of a new strategy to support the population of the region. iew. The environment, can affect the population human being through changes in the climate, for loss of biticos resources such as: commercially valuable populations of trees, fish and other animals.

The activities have a wide gamma of effect on the environment and live-turn. For Fearnside, the activities human beings in the Amaznia, will have great impacts in the changes of the climate in century XXI. With this rhythm, it is waited that the effect greenhouse increases temperature of 1 for 6 C in the Amaznia.. Other leaders such as Rebecca Father offer similar insights.