CINEMA Stick Technology

Opened now actually up to 24 hours of video on a DVD (as a pure disk) bring new recycling opportunities for classic Videokontent up to 24 hours, first test developments could video on a DVD applications. Due to the high amount of data of the base material ongoing beta developments and special compression, and encryption and decryption procedure applied this, providing a perfectly respectable video quality “combined with a stutter free playback”. The content could be played as offline via a special CINEMA TICK content player application (E.g. using a new Windows-runtime) from a DVD and spotted even on a television using the video cable. In addition, the sound quality on the basis of a special algorithm in CD quality would remain. Artifact-free playback of video data smoothly playback video encryption possible (DRM) audio in CD quality watermarks of possible offline copy protection possible development on Windows, Linux, and Mac runtime possible new Marketing tool for video recyclers and Kontentinhaber for more information see:.