TELL ME NOTHING! ARE YOU GOING TO KNOW WHAT I LIVE? They can perhaps be two of many expressions that exist in everyday use for many couples and even within members of a family. But is it right to think and act this way? Many times during the years lived heard the maxim of your mouth what is in your heart speaks and I understand that each person lives in the way that you create is more successful, although it could be wrong. And precisely in this part the reflection that I want to start now. Our attitudes and personal positions are not but the product of what ‘kept’ within the heart; i.e., just as we are inwardly likewise express outward. People who have internal conflicts manifest toward each other generating only that: conflicts. They are people who can do something good without that of by means that cluster of negative charge, which is harmful both to others and herself is present. But there is also another class of people living a quiet and inner harmony and when entering the precincts of the lives of others, carry with them that positive charge, generating just all good, joy, peace, harmony. And they are accepted with great ease of others and even searched often, as magnets that attract good towards one.

For both kinds of people, I think that respect should be taken. And here is where intend me to ask you the question: who is it must have consideration? Perhaps disagree with you, but I think that consideration must be with those people who have been in the heart or the latter moves you want. It is difficult to have positive feelings towards those people who you know and they hurt. And sometimes irreparable. The least that one can have (personal criterion) is simply indifference. To broaden your perception, visit marlon brando. Is right in this moment of personal reflection, noting that while it is true that within many cultures and faiths, there is a range of values that are unique or particular life of many paths, subsists the human logical criterion that should lead us to embrace certain behaviors against facts that happen to us and that are adverse and even harmful.