Increased risk of such a device makes the company to spend extra funds, increasing the cost of the product. Moreover, such a machine is unable to produce shaped cutouts, and the quality is not subjected to strict monitoring, as the laser cutting of metal. Laser cutting of metal – is the maximum reliability and maneuverability minimal error. Thus, we have a whole series of arguments in favor of the preferences of such an operation as laser cutting of metal at the expense of cutting a metal or abrasive material. Waterjet cutting of metal, as well as laser cutting, was the result of the latest scientific developments in the field of industrial production. Compared with laser cutting, water jet cutting metal has its advantages and disadvantages, depending on the complexity of specific cases, treatment of the material makes the laser or waterjet cutting metal more or less applicable.

In each case, apply one or other method of cutting metal. The essence of such an operation, as water jet cutting of metal, is as follows. The water in the tank unit is pumped to high pressure (about 4000 bar), then enters the tube, tapering to the end and ending with the cutting dyuzoy diameter 0,5 mm. A powerful jet of water at the outlet has a speed of about 1000 meters per second. Breaking out of the nozzle, the water enters the mixing chamber, where it are mixed particles of solid substance, usually granitic sand. Pressure of the powerful jets in conjunction with scratching the material cut metal, and the quality of this cutting is much higher than the cutting quality by machining.

As laser cutting, water jet cutting metal allows complex elements, cut out small parts of any given contour. Another unique advantage of this method of processing, such as water jet cutting metal, is that the process occurs with minimal heat. This not only increases the safety of the water-jet cutting, but also allows you to cut parts whose production does not fit the effect of high temperatures. Even though materials such as tempered glass and solid metals are not amenable to waterjet cutting of metal, this method is, nevertheless, is today one of the most high-tech methods modern industry. Waterjet cutting of metal today – is the result of the method of water jet processing of materials in general. Continuous development and the constant evolution of the method waterjet cutting allows a certain degree of probability suggest that in the future will also solve the problem cutting hard metals and tempered glass.