During World War

A year ago ex- Vice-president Al Gore threw a glove: he extinguishes and he returns to ignite America with 100% of free CO2 electricity within 10 years. We began to evaluate the viability of that change and took a still greater challenge: to determine how the 100 percent of the consumed energy anywhere in the world, to all the effects, could be provided by the wind, the water and the sun, and as soon as in 2030. Our plan appears here. The scientists have been accumulating pieces until the present moment so that in less than one decade, analyzing different pieces from the challenge, the objective of the 100% of renewable can be reached. More recently, in 2009, a study realised by the University of Stanford classified the systems of energy according to its impacts in global heating, the contamination, water supply, Earth use, the wild life and other problems. The best options were, in this order, Aeolian, to pave, geothermal, navigates and hydroelectric energy all which are impelled by the wind, the water or the light of the sun (they are known with abbreviations WWS in English). The nuclear power, the coal with CO2 capture and the ethanol were the options worse, as well as petroleum and the natural gas. The study also discovered that the electrical vehicles with batteries and of hydrogen fuel, could to a great extent eliminate the contamination in the sector of the transport.

Our plan needs million aerogenerators, solar hydroelectric facilities and, as much photovoltaic as termosolares. The numbers are great, but an insurmountable obstacle is not the scale; our society already before has obtained massive transformations. During World War II, the United States ended up adapting automobile plants to produce 300,000 airplanes and other countries produced 486,000 airplanes more. In 1956, the United States began the creation of the state system of freeways, that 35 years later extended to 47,000 miles, changing the commerce and the society.