EIA Impacts

Simplicity. Optimum in preliminary studies induce to ignore effects not induced intuitively. Networks of interaction (on one determined action of the project see what medium can affect and what means may be affected indirectly by this condition). Visualization of the causal connection. Excessive complication in great performances. Possible duplication.

Arrays of impacts. (crosses into a table between project actions and elements of the medium) Synthetic character. Qualitative and quantitative data. Much subjectivity. Non-selective character. Table 1.-main models of environmental impact assessment. There are four types of impact matrix (which we’ve given): or Normal.

(already commented above). Actions of the project resources of the MA that can be affected by the actions of the project. ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? Where each symbol to be given a meaning (significant impact, not significant, etc.). We can also put numbers and thus somehow quantify impacts. or cause and effect. It has the advantage that there are very different versions (methodological flexibility) and is very simple to (once known (well the cause-effect relationships). It has the disadvantage that it is not possible to incorporate a dynamic considerations to it. or interactive. It has the advantage that shows relationships of dependency between different impacts, but has the problem that requires more theoretical knowledge due to its complexity. Elements of the MA that can be affected by the project the project actions that can cause impacts. Actions of the project whose impacts may be amplified by other actions (actions of project interactions). That it may be complicated as many times as necessary. or temporary. It has the advantage that reflects timelines for each of the tasks and phases.