Free Hausplanungs Software

Free Hausplanungs software for the home builders is an ad-supported software, which may charge private builders in spe, to visualize their own house plans, to reconsider and to check on their feasibility and meinHausplaner. The Bott EDV-Systeme GmbH, developed over 20 years planning software for the construction industry is responsible for the development of the software. The programme builds on the established CAD-system construction kit, which was developed especially for architects and designers. Also the building set House Planner to design, visualization and calculation of houses has been recorded in meinHausplaner. The homepage of meinHausplaner ( is only online since February 20, 2008. Already within the first 50 days, the software has been downloaded nearly 5,000 times. mean home Planner: 50 house templates adapt to your own needs great importance was attached in meinHausplaner on user friendly and easy to use.

Bernd Weigand of the Bott EDV-Systeme GmbH: \”not every aspiring Home Builders has studied architecture. We want that everyone can plan his dream home on a private computer and bring to completion without existing expertise in this area.\”meinHausplaner works with 50 house templates that already represent many different standard House forms and offer ready designed plans. These designs include simple houses as well as bungalows, town houses and single-family homes in the upscale standard. Also designs for semi-detached houses are available. All templates may be freely used and modified.

After selecting a suitable template, the user simply customizes the sizes to make the main body of the House with all floor plans and the roof in this manner. Who then would like to realize additions such as Bay Windows, dormers, balconies or Abschleppungen can leave the pen and the GEO triangle in the desk drawer. meinHausplaner brings many custom templates for these projects. The parts are highly variable and can freely by the user be adapted. While it is sufficient to determine the size of the buildings and their location in the floor plan.