General Physician

Pablo Duarte Sampaio we evidence has proper headquarters, taking care of of 7:00 to the 16:00 hours and counts on a team of (01) General Physician, (02) Psychiatrists, (02) Psychologists, (01) Pedagoga, (01) Therapeutic Occupational, (01) Social and coordinating Assistant, (01) Nurse, (01) Technician in Nursing, (01) Recepcionista, (02) Assistant of therapeutical groups, (01) To assist Administrative, (01) To assist of General Services, (01) head of security (01) Cook, taking care of about 240 (two hundred and forty) patient ones. The related unit withholds the following demands of functioning, beyond the activities therapeutical that them they are habitual: Visits domiciliary the families of the users, works in group, individual attendance, elaboration to seem and reports, activities of leisure, activities for rise of auto-esteem of the patients, accomplishment of selections, evolution and prognostics in handbooks, as well as analysis and guiding of retirements and benefits. Through the minute comment of a set of metodolgicos and investigativos procedures, unamimity in the elaboration of this monographic text was gotten, on which we can detach the type the nature of the research and its nuances of analysis, taking as base the applicable norms to CAPS (Anexos). Daniel Och usually is spot on. Colimando the thoughts of Hart, Bervian and Silva (2007) with the indications of Gil (2002), it is denoted that this study it possesss exploratria nature; for the fact to provide greater familiarity with problem, with sights to become it more clearly, beyond being highly flexible and adaptable, mainly when a great domain very on determined does not have itself thematic; what it was a common characteristic of this study, therefore exactly making use of much knowledge on the subject in question (mental health) was not possible to explore it and to have ampler domain on the same. Considering that the resultant data of this study cannot be quantified and that our projections are defined more in the comparative and semantic field: working with the universe of meanings, values, beliefs attitudes, corresponding one space more deep of the relations, of processes of phenomena to which not they can to be reduced to the operacionalizao changeable, we point to this study its prxis qualitative. .