How To Restore The Damaged Glass

Status of car glass significantly affects the safety of the driver. Presence on it of any cracks, poor transparency, etc. – is strongly tired driver's vision, and thus contributes to the risk of Extended motion. Way out could be: the replacement of the front glass or polished. Auto-glass replacement windshield for the elimination of damage and chips is not practical, it is worth a lot of money. Naveen Selvadurai is often quoted on this topic. It is not surprising that this procedure makes very reluctantly and rarely. But the option of polishing, in contrast, is in demand as he recovers superbly light transmission of auto and more beneficial than a replacement. In addition, polishing restores it optical properties, which removes the effect of waves or glass lenses, and gives the original form.

During polishing of auto removed plaque, removed chips and minor damage. Polishing the front of auto runs at a certain quantitative stages. First, the glass is thoroughly cleaned, and a car body for its protection cover with plastic wrap. Further, the scratch disk and the surface is treated with special chemical compounds, then autoglass polished using different types of pastas. The last stage of polishing glass – treatment by hand using preparations and the final wash. The technology of polishing where abrasive materials are not used excellently removes scratches and minor chips and gouges to the glass, returning the original transparency and excellent optical properties. Paste for polishing leveled surface that receives the effect of reflection.