Inkjet Printers

Laser printer suitable for who and who is better to the ink jet printer who is there to look through: there are black and white and in color, inkjet printers and laser printers hundreds printer models on the market. When purchasing a printer you can not see the forest for the trees and that the employees in the electronics market independently advises, is not so sure. This article brings light into the darkness and helps in choosing the correct printer. First is to consider what should mainly be printed with the new device. High-gloss photos? Then take a color inkjet printer. Many text documents like invoices for example? Here, the laser printer plays out its strengths and must be only”between monochrome and color variation to be decided.

You have this choice both printer technologies. If you buy for example a black and white laser printers, benefits from a low Tonerverbraucht. Toner is the ink of the laser printer. Toner cartridges are considerably more expensive than cartridges for inkjet printers. Each fall about 100 Euro to a color laser printer needed but four cartridges.

However, is it also remanufactured toner cartridges this rebuilt toner cost not so much. Inkjet printer who prints photos often are first choice for high-gloss photos, can theoretically access to both printer technologies. But: laser printers can only print matte photos. Only inkjet printer suitable for glossy photos. However, such a photographic print with these devices is quite expensive: you should plan two euro per photo, because the ink consumption is high. Matte photos out of the laser printer cost less. More clearly in favour of a laser printer, buyer should tend that must print out mostly high-quality graphics or logos. Here is a color laser printer with large internal storage capacity for quick and good results. When buying a printer, you should also look whether the device can handle with thick paper. Many laser printers fail, because the paper is passed through a drum here. There are however even models with straight feeder, where paper with a Strength until a problem is 400 g / m2. Otherwise better access to the ink jet printer, which has no problems with photo paper and CDs. Cost toner and ink that no matter whether inkjet or laser model most new printers are equipped only with half-full cartridges or cartridges. In the blink of an eye, they are empty and the question arises after new paint. While there are cheap third-party printer cartridges for inkjet printers, this way is obstructed laser printer owners. Namely the replica of toner and ink cartridges prohibited and remain here only the expensive cartridges of the printer manufacturer or to buy rebuilt toner. By the way, both cartridges and cartridges can be refilled. Nevertheless, the laser printer on the subject of toner scores vs. ink. Why? Because toner is waterproof and can dry due to its powder form not. The laser printer is a step along with the quick printing, a large paper bag and the good results when printing text and graphics the ink jet printer. The latter scores only in high-gloss Photos, which are but an expensive argument.