Innovative Technologies

5. Towards sustainable energy measures in the exploration of hydrocarbons. a State Planning activities which also must have support from industry and the people who should assume the leading role of sustainability as part of governance. a Use and Promotion of Innovative Technologies to prevent contamination of the surface, at the stage of oil exploration. a Establish compensation on damages commensurate to the people affected by exploration activities, including on the current market undervalued.

a Develop systems for recording and measuring biodiversity for the calculation of damages that are Incommensurables due to the absence of complete knowledge on biodiversity altered or destroyed and the difficulty of establishing measures or ratings on the social impacts such as loss of a culture. a Develop techniques Recovery of land covered by exploration activities. a internalized in the cost of externalities of activities arising from oil extraction. These are a challenge that all state institutions related to the extraction of oil, turning as sustainable energy resource, and the fundamental role of oil companies to address security measures and make innovations in technology. Graphic: Schematic illustration of the prosperity Energy and Environmental Dilemma 6. Some experiences on sustainable energy policies compared: the energy policies of the developed countries maintain the basic objectives of security of energy supply, energy contribution to increased competitiveness of the economy and the integration of environmental objectives. That aside to consider renewable energy as a priority, to ensure supplies and environmental objectives, maintain oil the most important fossil resource.