Intel Core

The present line of Chips Intel microprocessors Core includes the models i3, i5 and i7. These three new members of Intel Core Family were sent in 2010, all the models previous to them will nevertheless not be discontinued. The line of microprocessors Core 2 will continue being manufactured by Intel. The mark of processors Core is considered generally like the chip of more high quality produced by Intel, being much more powerful that processors such as the Pentium and the Celeron. Within this new line of processors i3 generally is considered like that it owns a more basic level of performance, i5 is considered like a processor of average rank and i7 the processor with more high performance of the group. New the Chips Intel Core presents/displays a variety of characteristics that position in a place superior to the one of the present processors until the moment in the market. A great number of these Chips will be produced with a technology of 32 nanometers. A processor of this size has never been produced before, done that shows the outpost present technology in the development of these Chips.

This way the users can wait for smaller and fast processors since the line of Intel processors Core has been updated pertinently to take advantage from this advance. A characteristic that the all Chips Intel Core i3, i5 and i7 will have is an integrated controller of memory DDR3 to obtain a faster performance. All the models Core also will support 64 operating systems of bit, which seems to be the direction in which the industry is moving. All the models also they will include breaks of 256 KB L2 by nucleus, but more importantly they will use breaks L3 great instead of only using L2 like in the models the previous Cores. The Intel chip Core i7 can have until 12MB of breaks shared.