Internet Company

Changes are good, they are valuable. And they must be easy sometimes. But should you never lose himself. Hamza was founded in 1988 as a company of rehabilitation technology. The aim of the company is the development and production of high-quality products to facilitate everyday people with disabilities and carers. High quality standards characterize the company and also their requirements for agency partners. “Our goal was to put on an Internet system of the future and on an agency that can join us over the years” explains Reinhard Heymer, founder of Heymer rehabilitation technology.

But it is for companies like us typically difficult in such projects with innovative agencies together to work, because the more often focus on the development of modern, colorful and show designs, which no longer have much to do with our company, as on a really targeted Internet platform.” The Hamza Internet presence offered no flexibility with stale design without content management system for the company. Stand-alone updates were not feasible, missing, clear structures finding their way within the site for potential clients proved to be beyond extremely difficult. By missing Analytics, data could be made also no control the success or failure of the presence on the Web. Aim for Hamza was therefore a technically high quality and search engine optimized system to get, which gives them the possibility to update content on their own, as well as to create more clarity for the various target groups together with Internet experts from all2e revised structures and new design. Reinhard Heymer points out it was us important though in the background to have the best and most technically sophisticated system but at the same time with features and design not hopelessly overwhelm our target groups – and in addition to remain faithful to us as a company”. EZ publish was the all2e GmbH of Brittany rehabilitation technology of the market – and technology-leading content management system offer, this corresponded to all the technical requirements of the company.