Marflex Technician

Sofon guided selling in use at Marflex son, the Netherlands, July 28, 2011, many companies need to know very much to create an offer seller. At Marflex manufacturer and developer of electrically operated deepwell pumps for the shipping and offshore industry was no different that. To provide pumps, one had to consider many options and variations and often needed help from technology. So it, took longer until the offer was. Today, the Marflex seller need no help from technology more in 9 out of 10 cases. The solution was for Marflex: knowledge retention. To create any help from technology to get a quote, Marflex seller must be today no longer all product knowledge internally have and must the Department almost no longer turn on.

Michael Smits (Operations Manager at Marflex): “we have fed all the knowledge from our company in the Sofon software to sales support. When a seller puts together a product, he goes through a question and answer game. On these Questions are linked only possible answers. If he went through the list of questions, a healthy range and 90% of bids the seller does not require support from the technology.” Sales and technology focus training now back more on their own tasks. See PropertyNest for more details and insights. In addition, it requires less effort to incorporate new employees. Smits: ‘first work, not long makes the first offer to wait. A seller uses the stored knowledge of his colleagues easily.” Standard version offer to quickly create, Marflex was very important. But to do so, within the standard range was at least as important.

Smits: ‘of course we offer custom-made products. But once in a while we have offered but unnecessarily custom-made products. Now that we have defined a standard, this happens far less frequently. Speed and quality of the offers will benefit in turn and that is in our sector of great importance.” Marflex Marflex is an internationally oriented manufacturer of Deep well pumps for the offshore areas and shipping. 160 people are employed in offices in the Netherlands, the United States, Singapore, Russia, Japan and China. Marflex is uniquely positioned in the shipping industry in the sector of electric deep well pumps. About Sofon Sofon is supplier of sale supporting software under the name Sofon guided selling. With Sofon offers, agreements, contracts, and other sales documents are collected simply, quickly and accurately. Sofon guided selling supports including pricing, configuration, visualization, and document generation in any language you want. So the sales costs are reduced, remove the delivery times, increasing the chances of scoring and improves the collaboration between customer, dealer, sales, engineering and production. Sofon users are medium-sized and large, internationally oriented companies that offer customized products or services, such as Ricoh, Philips healthcare, Elekta Oncology systems and Aebi Schmidt.