Orthodox Judaism

Bergman is a product of the Buenos Aires snobbery, and his usual criticism of Orthodox Judaism, is by mere appearances. Its objection against those Jews which cannot compete intellectually, is: who used 18th century clothing. Your greatest annoyance is fashion. Coming from a stereotypical society, that it imitates the superficial, and if you leave the power look like weird bug, Bergman fits with the popular kitsch. He prefers displayed with swimsuit and bandana, sunbathing in Punta del Este. If that is a spiritual leader, all others deserve the title of mystics and saints. Bergman along with the Latin-American rabbinical seminary, seeking proselytes who converted to Judaism lifestyle by money. The conviction of the proselyte is not them of greater importance.

Most of their converts, are individuals who adopt religion circumstantially to marry someone of the Hebrew community. It remains to be seen how many of these people maintain their Judaism After the divorce, which today affects Christians and Jews alike, by more than 50 percent of marriages. The Bergman case is peculiar, because it attempts to dabble in politics by taking advantage of the title of Rabbi, which in his case, is not accepted by the Chief Rabbinate of Israel, but by the Argentine Government, which according to him, gives authority to conserve and use it publicly. In an interview published in the israeli newspaper Haaretz, he said that it had more people who supported it among the gentiles that among the Jews, which is logical, because those who understand Judaism know that Bergman does not meet the requirements of as high investiture; While it is a specimen worthy of observe and listen to the gentiles. It is your typical speech: that the Argentine problem is spiritual. Surely he is the Savior. Islamist clerics make terrorism, communism liberation priests, and Bergman makes proselytism, political and economic purposes, as it is standard among those who seek acolytes. The Rabbinical seminary not only acts in the Argentina, but also in other countries of the subcontinent, sending emissaries who raise money for new converts.

If they thought converting to 15 million Brazilians, who are considered descendants of Jews who escaped from the Inquisition, the business can be very lucrative. Unfortunately, his conversion would not be accepted by the rabbis of Israel, in the same way that aren’t, none of those so far made by that organization. (Those who paid, can start to claim). original author and source of the article.